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"Just Copy and Paste" : Lore-Friendly, Era-Friendly Jedi Vestments Already In-Game

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"Just Copy and Paste" : Lore-Friendly, Era-Friendly Jedi Vestments Already In-Game

Alec_Fortescue's Avatar

08.10.2014 , 09:06 AM | #111
Quote: Originally Posted by Cuiwe View Post
Ah soz. Someone should edit the title.

Anyhow, what do you think of my picks?
Guardian's legacy set would be my 2nd fav and would totally pass for my desire if it only didn't have those oversized and floating shoulder guards. Ridiculous. No one is wearing this set out there, probably because of them. :[ Battle expulsor's with hood down would still be better than Relnex' because of the crotch cloth covering the skin-tight crotch area.

Ajunta pall would be my top and the set I ant if it only didn't have all those ridiculous orange things on the traditional Jedi tunic. Tulak's set is currently what my jug wears. This is the best original cm set since Valiant Jedi.

Sith Lords are in better situation lore-wise in this game because they never had even semi-"uniformed" outfits unlike the Jedi order.

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02.20.2015 , 12:23 PM | #112
This is a great thread. I have no idea why none of those outfits is available in-game. What's even more ridiculous is that Bioware BROKE the aspiring knight chest pieces in recent patches. They look extremely pixelated now.

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07.06.2015 , 03:00 AM | #113
Quote: Originally Posted by Pingonaut View Post
Tythonian Aspiring Knight's Vestments
Variant I
Variant II
I'd pay an absurd amount of CCs to get back that first really cool outfit my main got in the game. Since it is not moddable, and there was no thought of an Outfit designer in the beginning of 2012, I eventually sold it.

Lucky players who get to level a JK these days and keep those robes and just stamp them via Outit designer...
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12.06.2016 , 04:57 PM | #114
So a good bit of these items were added... Outside of the cartel market.They're available as BoE eternal c ommand rewards, old Jedi Knight sets with hood down variants are <3. Also orgus din like set is available from tython quests. Looks nice and sadly not achievable on existing knights :/ should have been granted retroactively.