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Is the merc/pyotech build viable at all in PvP?

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Is the merc/pyotech build viable at all in PvP?

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02.25.2014 , 11:44 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Tenzhine View Post
Seriously Pyrotech Merc has high (sic) survivability and damage ratio than Arsenal Merc. You got some instant ability that could do alot of damage but it takes time.
Sorry, but I totally disagree. Against a middle tree Jugg/Guardian in particular the Merc Pyro is noticeably weaker than the Merc Arsenal. After the Juggs initial leap, the Arsenal can pop HO which will still have a tail after the Jugg uses Awe. This is not the case with the Merc Pyro. So the Merc Pyro is screwed, unable to get distance unless he is up against a bad Jugg.

One of the real problems of the Merc Pyro is that his DoTs eliminate any meaningful use of Concussion Missile or the mezz grenade. A good Arsenal Merc is using those two strategically. In particular good Arsenal Merc's are thinking about the Concussion Missile as a ElectroNet gateway, i.e. you are baiting the enemy melee to use his cc breaker on Concussion Missile in order to setup a proper ElectroNet.