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pvp mercs any fun?

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10.28.2013 , 06:07 AM | #31
Mercs are great in 8v8. In 4v4 it depends on both team compositions. If you are against a melee heavy team you're probably going to have 3 of them on you from the start, which means (assuming they're not complete muppets), they'll chain their interrupts, gap closers and CCs on you. Unlike a meleer, 90% of your damage output will be effectively nullified. A good tank on your team can reduce the anguish significantly.
But yeah, they're fun.
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10.28.2013 , 01:10 PM | #32
Yes but one thing about that situation. The Merc is running with Hydraulic Overrides and not trying to DPS. Reduced DPS is not necessarily relevant at this point. The 3 melee will be chasing and not doing much damage til they catch up (about 10 seconds later).

But the 3 people on the Merc team are also going 3v1 against someone from the other team, who does not have Hydraulic Overrides and must stand and die.

If the Merc dies, he dies (which frequently happens). But the other dude (on their team) probably melted much faster. When I play solo Q and get on the same team as a guildee, I am frequently told "hang on (kite) for a few more seconds, we are about to take this guy down then we are coming to you"

Had an arena the other day where I took over 200k damage in 3 rounds, I dealt out a pathetic 30k total in 3 rounds but we won. The other team could not kill me faster than we could kill their focused target. I don't remember my heal total but I was the only one healing me.
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