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who's your Nemesis?

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Today , 10:00 AM | #111
Quote: Originally Posted by ZooMzy View Post
This word usage infuriates the grammar Nazi within.
I assume they mean "Rip hIm to Pieces in peace", literally (or is that figuratively, maybe subjectively)
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Today , 02:24 PM | #112
Since the Gree FFA PVP area has opened up again I have been reliably informed that I am now everyones nemesis.
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Today , 09:46 PM | #113
Quote: Originally Posted by Kayla_Shadowsong View Post
Given my extreme case of alt-itus and skitish nature I don't have a Nemesis. I usually stick to the shadows and flit around like a Wisp.

There are some guilds/legacys though that I absolutely love to fight. You can usually count on the Funk's for a good match in the middies brackets recently, so when I see that tag I know who gets the opening rotation if I haven't ID'd the healer.

I usually have a couple of good matches fighting against Zalbien a week. Great friendly player that I've run into over and over again for years, and you can usually count on him to have some good team mates with him to keep things interesting.

I can't stand those who drop out of a loosing match, particularly if they're cursing at the team for failing to block an objective before they drop out. Such people get sapped over and over again in random corners of the map when I encounter them.
This makes my middle bracket Funk smile a little inside