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Trouble, Destiny, and Other Complications - AU: Caught

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Trouble, Destiny, and Other Complications - AU: Caught

MishaCantu's Avatar

10.21.2018 , 03:38 PM | #131
I do miss these two when they are absent for too long. I felt a gentle nudge was forthcoming and have been well rewarded.


Altogether well done and greatly enjoyed. Thank you.

Lunafox's Avatar

10.22.2018 , 12:53 PM | #132
Yay! Another Thorns and Ciner installment I'm glad you wrote. The whole thing was wonderful, but I have to admit I smirked and chuckled out loud about the shower scene. Poor Thorns. It would've been nice if he had been able to pursue Well done! I look forward to more.
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