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Arsenal / Gunnery Set Bonuses and Tactical Items

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Arsenal / Gunnery Set Bonuses and Tactical Items
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04.18.2019 , 11:56 AM | #11
I've always thought that Mandos (Both Commando and Mandalorians) had a pretty simple set of abilities to use, with quite a bit of them being unused. So in a sense, I've always been hopeful that we would see another new ability.

With that being said, Arsenal/Gunnery has always been about overwhelming firepower and huge single target burst. Their survival rate is actually pretty decent right now, and require no change in either damage or healing. So that leaves us to fine tune and emphasize what it really means to be Arsenal/Gunnery all the mean while not making them too over the top.

Below is my Idea of what changes and additions would benefit this class the most.

Hailstorm - In addition to Grav Round/Tracer Missle and Hail of Bolts/Sweeping Blasters, Charged Bolts/Power Shot now reset the cooldown on Boltstorm/Blazing Bolts.
Bombardier - Activating Explosive Round/Missle Blast now increases the rate of Death From Above/Mortar Volley, stacking up to two times.
Gun Lover - When Explosive Dart/Sticky Grenade deals damage, your next Boltstorm/Blazing Bolts deplete no resources.
Set Bonus
Disclaimer: The set bonuses for DPS Mandos really tailored to Arsenal/Gunnery more so than A.S./I.O. so the changes here are very little..

2 Piece - Heatseaker Missle/Demolition Round and Serrated Bolt/Serrated Shot increase the damage you deal
4 Piece - Energy Shield/Reactive Shield have a reduced cooldown, while also giving Full Auto/Unload and Bolstorm/Blazing Bolts immunity to interrupts while under these affects.
6 Piece - Unchanged.

Thanks for the read,


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04.18.2019 , 07:02 PM | #12
Mandos and Mercs are in a really good spot at the moment, The only suggestion I would have is maybe switch up the animations or allow mercs to use flame thrower again.

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04.19.2019 , 03:16 AM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by steveerkcanjerk View Post
Tactical Item: Mandalorian Jetpack - places a beacon down and within 35 meters the mercenary can fly into the sky and land on the beacon. Basically is a phase walk but it replaces rocket out.
Don't you think merc has enough defensives as it is? Adding that just makes them being able to rotate Kolto Overload and Reflect perfectly to be almost unkillable. Unless you're going to take the current broken kolto or the reflect away from mercs, this should not be a thing.
I mean, what you're asking is basically another way of another life. Might as well add the part of adding a version of Sorcerer's bubble? Or temporary stealth or Undying like mara?

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04.22.2019 , 07:47 PM | #14
Tactical Items:
  • Tracer Missile grants 5 stacks of Heat Signature when cast but goes on x second cooldown.
  • Each tick of Boltstorm reduces cooldown of Heat Seeker Missile by x seconds.
  • Supercharged Gas resets the cooldown of Priming Shot and Tracer Missile
  • Rail Shot ignores shield/defense chance and armor rating but does reduced damage.

Set Item Bonuses:
  • Reduces Energy Shield cooldown by x seconds.
  • Hydraulic Overrides speed increased by x% and duration by x seconds
  • Your damaging or healing abilities cause your next dmage or heal ability to critically hit. Once every 60 seconds.

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04.27.2019 , 01:08 PM | #15
Not really a fan of this spec because Assault Specialist exists, but I'll try to help out.

Tactical Items:

While Priming Shot is on cooldown, Grav Round activates instantly. (probably broken)

Increases the critical damage of all moves by X%, but lowers the damage of all non-critical moves by Y%.

Modiies the effect of Supercharged Cell to increase critical chance by X% for the duration. (this should probably be a rework of Supercharged Cell honestly given how alacrity currently works)

Hitting the Target with Boltstorm ends the cooldown, or lowers it by X seconds, on Demolition Round.

Set Bonus:

2pc: While under the effects of Supercharged Cell, Critical Damage is increased by X% for the duration. In addition, Supercharged cell lasts Y seconds longer. (maybe like 4 seconds longer. might be more or less depending on how strong it is)

4pc: You regenerate an additional Energy Cell once every 3 seconds, or reduces the Energy consumed by Boltstorm by 4. (personally don't think this is needed, but a lot of people seem to struggle with energy in this spec)

4pc: reduces the cooldown of Demolition Round by 3 seconds.

6pc: Increases the damage Demolition Round does to targets by an additional X% (lets just say 25% to double what the additional damage currently is. Also ties in super nicely with the second 4pc I proposed)

If you could bring back the 10% damage on Boltstorm through the Curtain of Fire skill tree passive, that would be much appreciated. More for the ability to track the proc than to have the damage boost.

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05.02.2019 , 02:05 AM | #16
Link to Main Forum Post with Google Doc of Failure's Set Bonus and Tactical Item suggestions


Tactical Suggestions:
  • Heat Seeker can now split to 3 separate targets. Each target receives 90% base damage of Heat Seeker.
  • Rail gun: Rail shot is now a cleave, similar to Nahut. Suggested 4 set only affects primary target (five stacks?)
    • Functions similar to dual saber throw
      • 30m centered on a target, hitting everything between you and the target and past that target in a 35m line.

Set Bonus:
  • 2 set - Tracer missile now costs 2 less heat.
  • 4 set - Using a 5 stack Rail Shot grants a buff that makes the next Priming Shot/Heat Seeker Missile/Rail Shot ignore 45% of the targetís armor
  • 6 set - Activating Supercharged Gas makes your next Heatseeker Missile an automatic critical.
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05.24.2019 , 11:19 AM | #17
Death from above can be used while moving and allows the merc to fly while using the ability
rocket out can be used in any direction
hydralic overrides is now used as a fly modifier that allows the players the fly up to 10 meters in the air, increases speed by 30%-70% and grants immobilization immunity.
Jet boost now works as an aoe stun
chaff flair puts player 10 meters in the air for 3 seconds and reduced incoming dmg by ...% (They cannot move during the duration)
Explosive dart is now remote detonatied and does 3x more dmg.
heatseaker missles is a channeld ability that needs to be aimed in order for your target to be hit.
Rail shot knocks the enemy back 10 meters
you can now deploy 2 stealth scans at a time
you can now deploy 2 sweeping blast at a time

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05.24.2019 , 11:21 AM | #18
Allow mercs/pts to be aerial threats and allow commandos/vanguards to be ground threats

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05.24.2019 , 11:50 AM | #19
Fusion missle is now a 5 second channeed ability that does 4x the dmg. During the channel, the player cannot be interrupted and absorbs 70% of all incoming dmg.

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05.25.2019 , 08:41 PM | #20
Decrease Tracer Missile cast time by 0.5sec. PvP change for mobility. Doesn't affect DPS, still limited by GCD,
5sec 50% snare on Heatseeker Missiles.