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<Escape From Reality> Team Not Useless Recruitment,

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<Escape From Reality> Team Not Useless Recruitment,

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09.11.2019 , 11:08 PM | #1
hi there.

Our raid team is in need of some new players!

Our Progress
Explosive Conflict - 4/4 + Timed Run
Terror From Beyond - 5/5 + Timed Run
Scum And Villainy - 7/7 + Timed Run
The Dread Fortress - 5/5 + Timed Run
The Dread Palace - 5/5 + Timed Run

More current Content
Temple of Sacrifice - 5/5
The Ravagers - 5/5
Gods of the Machine - 5/5 Veteran
Gods of the Machine - 1/5 Master

so enough about that :P
we are looking for 2 dps prefer a decent sinper or mostly a range dps
note anyone can try out we will take any role! so don't wait

keen to try out? find me on Discord @Kyle3336 or contact me in game on No'agro-xva

thanks and see you soon!
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