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Vanilla companions in new expansions?

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Vanilla companions in new expansions?

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11.12.2017 , 05:15 PM | #31
I find Ashara a pretty hard character to understand because one minute she'll say that she isn't sure she's a Jedi and the next she'll reaffirm that she definitely is still a Jedi. She calls the Jedi weak, but then refuses to embrace Sith teachings. She says Jedi need to be more aggressive in fighting and killing Sith and then concludes that the those are exactly the type of Jedi they need to ally with the Sith.

By Kotfe, her romance letter says she has accepted that she is neither Jedi nor Sith, but who knows, maybe she's changed her mind again by the time we see her next.

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11.12.2017 , 08:13 PM | #32
I imagine she has a lot going on in her head. It's kinda crazy when you think about it...she was raised one way, and she's questioning everything she ever believed in, everything she was ever told to believe in. I have a Knight who went through a similar experience, and by the end of the main story, she is most definitely no longer a Jedi. She still fights for the Republic, with a relentless ferocity, but she's no Jedi.
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11.13.2017 , 12:26 AM | #33
Quote: Originally Posted by Dracofish View Post
Good thing we have fanfiction!
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11.14.2017 , 08:41 AM | #34
I have a consular he hooked up with Nadia Grell I liked her and would like to see her back as a part member but then again Nadia will not be very happy since I romanced Lana Lang and hooked up with her while still with Nadia. I can so see the conflict between Nadia and Lana Lang and Nadia will not be very pleased with my character

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01.20.2018 , 01:13 PM | #35
Quote: Originally Posted by Keta View Post
Jedi Consular's have exactly one companion returned ... via an alliance alert that was the old "go kill 20 things" type quest (Qyzen Fess). The last update about companions from the devs failed to mention a single consular companion. Pathetic.
There was supposed to be a recruitment mission for Zenith in 2016, but it was somehow broken and was abandoned.
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01.20.2018 , 01:58 PM | #36
Quote: Originally Posted by notanjelika View Post
There was supposed to be a recruitment mission for Zenith in 2016, but it was somehow broken and was abandoned.
I think they were going to use him for the Nar Shaddaa star fortress instead of the sith woman, then completely changed their whole mindset for how to do SF's I suppose since that never happened. Basing off info that whole thing reads the same way as the other star fortress npcs but it was longer, or seemed longer.
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