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Class Changes: Deception Assassin / Infiltration Shadow

STAR WARS: The Old Republic > English > Classes > Shadow / Assassin
Class Changes: Deception Assassin / Infiltration Shadow
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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09.26.2017 , 12:41 AM | #91
let's look at the positives

1) this is a PvE nerf, through and through, so at least no one will be raging at the "whiny pvpers" for once, unless I missed the horde of people crying about OMGOP!!! dec/infil shadowsins infesting warzones (the history of this class and spec makes one suspicious that such an individual may reside among the combat team however)

2) we may have a reason to switch to Hatred more often than "lol wut?" Healers are going to be overwhelmed with joy, I'm sure, especially the sorcs (win/win, as we're still sore about that phasewalk business after all)

3) this time it took them 10 months and 5 patches to swat us down, usually we're the first to take it. Progress?

The whole disaster that 5.0 has been, it had one thing going for it, for me: my favorite class and discipline was finally capable of being excellent for raiding (that doesn't mean I was excellent, but the *potential* was there ).

And yet, you didn't see raiding teams overtaken by shadowsin dps, especially after the double stance bug was fixed (and rightly so obviously. *That* was truly OP). Not so much overperforming in the real (pixeled) world when your only raid utility is either something that will make you lose ton of dps (stealth rez) and unreliable (we use cloak rotationally) or needs a major screw-up happening (admittedly, we can do some sick emergency tanking sometimes, depending on bosses).

If this is a way to encourage us to use Hatred more often, I hope they remember to make it less lol-squishy when they finally look at utilities and defenses for all classes or give it another dps buff if it's condemned to remain such a delicate flower.

Anyway, whatever. The only surprise is it took this long. So, can we now have phasewalk back, please?
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09.26.2017 , 12:42 AM | #92
Quote: Originally Posted by KittyKat_Karrot View Post
too much
Too much was really needed

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09.26.2017 , 12:45 AM | #93
Quote: Originally Posted by SineOris View Post
inb4 exilove starts drama against some random people
Haha serves Exilove right!!

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09.26.2017 , 12:48 AM | #94
Quote: Originally Posted by Foambreaker View Post
Another pointless nerf while the real problems go unaddressed.
Deception needed to be nerfed cause of pvp its was simply crazy what sins could do with you!

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09.26.2017 , 12:50 AM | #95
Assasins had it coming!

This nerf is spot on! Lets be honest the spec was good for PVE and overperforming in PVP so it should have been on top of the list for nerfs. Im glad it came to this and now the spec is decent for PVP and useful for some PVE fights. In general people should go hatred for PVE as its sustained dmg, which is mostly needed for PVE fights.

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09.26.2017 , 12:52 AM | #96
Quote: Originally Posted by TopAceOfEarth View Post
I mean this is some very serious calculation to have adjusted an ability by 5.15% and not just 5.0% .... either that or the poo they threw at the class change wall was sliding down the board a bit.
Hal you still around?

Must be a very serious nerf when you put a comment to it. But they were too OP in ranked so this was needed.

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09.26.2017 , 02:32 AM | #97
Bioware, why do you do everything to make the life of your few remaining players harder?

What do you try to achieve with that? Do you hate your players?

It's like every change you make is AGAINST players. What is the point? Don't you make the game FOR players?

Quote: Originally Posted by ivanhedgehog View Post
they seem to be killing all classes. It is almost like they put 248 gear in the game but didnt want anyone to benefit from it. So they are kneecapping all classes so that we just have the grind but no benefit. And then they wonder why they have dwindling subscriber numbers.
^^this, unfortunately. And this:

Quote: Originally Posted by Quraswren View Post
We are in the mists of changes that bring no good to this game. They don't add fun or entertainment to a game that is struggling and thats a problem.
This also:

Quote: Originally Posted by DarthSealth View Post
I think the other thing people in this forum needs to stop agreeing with them saying "yeah I think it needed a nerf but not this much"
The other thing is people need to stop calling for nerfs maybe instead just ask for buffs of the particular class you feel needs a buff and maybe these things won't happen.

You need to stick together because it is actually us vs them plain and simple they obviously don't care about us (...)

Quote: Originally Posted by olagatonjedi View Post
I have always noticed MMOs will typically overbuff to allow more players to participate and complete the hardest endgame content. As people learn rotations and mechanics of the fights, they are able to nerf/tune the classes based on metrics of performance, consistency, frequency of class vs others, etc. If they undertune to start, people leave and complain about content being impossible. No win situation either way.
Players get it. BW doesn't.

I kinda have this feeling as well by now:

Quote: Originally Posted by Kaldron_Fell View Post
Keith's Roadmap for the second half of 2017:

☑ Piss off every single player still around
☑ Forget about new content for the most part (more op bosses? But we already made two?! New PvP? Eh!)
☐ Get every last player to leave
☐ Get game shut down

Good to have goals, innit...
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09.26.2017 , 03:00 AM | #98
Quote: Originally Posted by RikuvonDrake View Post
Now, I realize most of these comments are wasted on a tunnel vision focused community such as the Assassin/Shadow, but I am sure that following these readjustments and as you realize that doing 9.3k instead of 9.8k still is more than enough for all content, you will know that I was right.
PvE isn't the only part of the game. Culling the burst is a kick in the teeth of a spec that was already garbage in tank/healer games and mediocre at best in other matches. Just having a good CC toolkit doesn't help if there is no muscle behind it. TTK in this game is way too long as it is and this balancing approach does nothing to help it.

Also, Carnage is supposed to be in the same tier as Deception when it comes to damage. They are already performing above Deception, so clearly their own damage categories don't make a lot of sense. But as you pointed out, you don't necessarily agree with this idiotic system either.

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09.26.2017 , 03:10 AM | #99
Quote: Originally Posted by GilbertoSilva View Post
Deception needed to be nerfed cause of pvp its was simply crazy what sins could do with you!
Assassin was right at the middle of DPS classes in PvP. Sorc, PT and Juggernaut were behind, Ops around equal, Mara, Merc and Sniper leaps and bounds ahead.

Macolson's Avatar

09.26.2017 , 03:19 AM | #100
Well thank the Lord, FINALLY this happened. I mean, mercs where just rolling over left, right and centre in wz's so a nerf was really needed. And as for PVE, same thing, God forbid a numerical disparity in output when grinding the same age old operations for eternity. And besides, being melee isnt a disadvantage cause I can just run up to my target anyways. At this point I dont think I could handle new content for at least another year, way too excited about grinding the new FP with this new class balance in place.