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Jug or Mara

Darkchip's Avatar

01.18.2020 , 04:08 AM | #1
Honestly i can'r really deside i've played my mara basicly since the game has come out religiously but i'm honestly finding it harder and harder to keep playing it since the main reason i played it was that it just did way better dps then the jug but now it seems like it's been flipped and the jug is not only doing better dps but it also have better defences and healing so i have to ask the question what is the point of playing a mara nowadays?

I mean other then bloodthirst i honestly can't think of a practical reason to play one if the jug does the same dps as the mara since the jug also have access to tanking which is always needed.

Aussircaex's Avatar

01.25.2020 , 01:51 AM | #2
If you’re not doing hardmode operation content, every single class is well above adequate to complete the content. In that case, you should play the class you enjoy playing, and don’t be concerned about what some other class is parsing on the bleeding edge.

If you are doing hardmode operations, you and your hardmode team are likely to be considering your options and composition in a way that we here on the forums can’t answer for you. Marauder has Bloodthirst, but Jugg has the armor sunder. So this is more a question for your team than for the general public.

Basically, unless you’re an advanced player, what class is “better” than another is not going to materially make a difference compared to you simply playing your character well. If you are an advanced player, you’d know we can’t answer this question on your behalf.