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"From a certain point of view..." (SPOILERS)

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"From a certain point of view..." (SPOILERS)

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05.10.2016 , 11:17 AM | #1
After playing six of the eight classes and many fights: I wish to know what do you believe it's better

Light Side (LAME and NAIVE most of the time...)

Dark Side (SADISTIC and EVIL most of the time...)

On my personal experience:

Sith Warrior

Sith Inquisitor


Imperial Agent


Jedi Knight


Did anyone have the same thoughts about...
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05.10.2016 , 11:40 AM | #2
I've found that many times I put a bit of myself into my toons and just choose what would fit best in certain situations. Like my Sith Marauder. I don't go out just slaughtering on a whim. Granted if I have an enemy beaten, damn right I'm killing him. I don't want to have to face him again down the road. Dead enemy is a dealt with enemy. But conversely there are some light sided choices my Marauder made simple fact of no need for absolute wanton slaughtering.

Conversely my BH, is mostly neutral, infact I think he just hit Lightside one. Sometimes he's ruthless as hell, other times nice as can be. It just depends on the moment.

And when it comes to killing Arcann and letting him live, some of the choices for my toons are going to be interesting. my Jedi knight Balien(yes named after the famed Balien from Kingdom of Heaven), as light side as he is(just hit light level 5), he knows that deep down, only way to stop Arcann is to kill him. So if it's a dark side choice in the end, Knight is going to make it.

Conversely, my mostly dark agent, who knows, might decide to spare him for justice. BH, is going to put two in his chest, 3 in his head then burn the body just to be sure the frakker is dead.

All comes down to how I do the toon.
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05.10.2016 , 12:32 PM | #3
The easiest way I find to go is to ignore/turn off the alignment of choices and just go with what you think that character would go with.

On Si for example, I find this takes them to about dark 1-2 at most, as there are lots of light choices that just make more sense.
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05.12.2016 , 03:20 AM | #4
My TL;DR is :

Inquisitor: Fit me perfectly in my gray mentality.
Knight: Very easy to be good as him, but he has some flaws on his resume. He'd leave the order for Kira.
Warrior: Seems very killy, but as Bunk says 'A man must have a code,' so he's not a generic rabid baddie.

The long version:


Quote: Originally Posted by TalonVII View Post
All comes down to how I do the toon.
As it should be!
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05.12.2016 , 04:02 AM | #5
I don't think that all the options are so black and white, they mostly depend on how you play darkside or light, sith warrior for example can come across as a very honorable warrior darkside, and some darkside options are downright logical (even Vette agrees, or at the very least doesn't disagree with most of the darkside options i ended up taking)

To me with sith characters they generally wind up lightside with the exception of when going darkside is the smarter choice, like on one flashpoint where you choose between using nukes on the republic fleet or crashing them "harmlessly" in to the planets moon.. my inquisitor went darkside.

Likewise on my warrior he will not kill defenseless people, but he will stand calmly and allow an old jedi master to find peace before giving him a samurai-like death and bow to him respectfully before leaving, he will kill a sith overseer who lost to him in battle after complimenting his strength.. and he will flat out murder hutts because they deserved it.

My current warrior has a focus on strengthening the empire and protecting its people. All of my choices light and dark have reflected that fairly well.. and as a result my warrior progressed in a distinctly lightsided direction in spite of the fact that he will still kill people who deserve it.

Meanwhile on my jedi knight i believe i have 0 darkside points, my jedi may come across as naive but she really just believes that anyone can and should have the chance at redemption no matter how hopeless it may seem. And a large number of times the result is that a fallen jedi or even a sith finds redemption and becomes an ally. And on my sage she will sacrifice herself without hesitation if there is a chance that doing so will help a complete stranger, i kind of fell in love with my sage lol..

There are some seemingly naive lightside and stupid evil darkside choices yeah, but a lot of the lightsided ones come down to interpretation, most of the time those choices are just doing the morally right thing even when it is really (really) hard.

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05.12.2016 , 04:03 AM | #6
depand on how you play your toon...

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05.12.2016 , 04:07 AM | #7
Light Side (LAME and NAIVE most of the time...)

Dark Side (SADISTIC and EVIL most of the time...)
I have yet to see a game that made a logical Dark side/Evil . They often write it as greedy , evil for the sake of evil , arrogant..ect...

when evil can be so many things , but they insist (games) on repeating the same recipee . As if they were afraid of trying something new and shocking .

Then again , it's EA/BW they were never 'exellent' at dialogue....just look at previous games . Some scenes/dialogues are so cringe worthy....and some others couldve been so much more . Exemple: thana mission , no matter what you choose in the end it leave you with a bitter taste (at least it Left ME with a bitter taste) , when I wouldve loved if the end is Thana and the player killing her master .
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