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death wind corridor or the fatman

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death wind corridor or the fatman

Corwingeorge's Avatar

12.13.2011 , 01:09 PM | #1
which one

Shandrii's Avatar

12.13.2011 , 01:10 PM | #2
seems like fatman is getting the most attention atm so i'd go with it

ViralTitan's Avatar

12.13.2011 , 01:13 PM | #3
Death Wind Corridor has a ridiculously high amount of empire players.

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Balboskii's Avatar

12.13.2011 , 01:13 PM | #4
FATMAN if you are Sith // Death Wind corridor if you are Republic
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12.13.2011 , 01:13 PM | #5

Quote: Originally Posted by Norah View Post
I personally think BioWare just needs to nerf Nyghoma. Dude (or dudette) single-handedly wins games.
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