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Star Fortress Decorations Bound

SuperOrcaSix's Avatar

11.26.2015 , 12:52 PM | #1
During the pre-release of 4.0 it was discovered that several people could not sell the Star Fortress decorations because it was invisibly stated as "bound." This was after waiting for the clock to wind down the 24 hours. 2/3 of my guild had this issue while the rest had no problem selling the items at all. Game wide the numbers are skewed because no one really knows who is affected. What is frustrating is those items are being bought and sold. And like everything else the value has diminished. While the devs consider this just another bug to fix in the not foreseeable future (anytime soon) those people who are stuck with the item are actually losing credits. The bug did not affect me. I made out like a bandit selling those items early before 4.0 went live. We (my guild) thought the corrective short-term fix was simply trading the item to someone who could sell it. Then we realized once it was traded it too became bound to that person. It could be traded back but was still bound as far as the GTN was concerned. Fix the issue.

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