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Solo Breaktown Brawler for Commando

STAR WARS: The Old Republic > English > Classes > Commando / Mercenary
Solo Breaktown Brawler for Commando

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05.04.2016 , 10:59 PM | #1
How is everyone getting past this fight with commando? The two big guys are immune to CC (so concussive round is out), and the boss is...well, the boss, so nothing will work on him.

You have to keep the big guys separated to prevent them from getting the Enrage buff.
You have to stay in melee range so the damage doesn't reflect.

I am currently not spec'd for healing (Gunnery) and I have Lana as a companion atm, so I have been sending her to one and I take the other, but she drops like a rock.

Any ideas?

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05.04.2016 , 11:50 PM | #2
This was the only boss I had real issues with as well as Merc, until I perfected my game plan by /stucking it when I felt it wasn't right yet.

So I ran the entire 10 as Innovative Ordnance (Assault Specialist) with a healing companion. And after working out the kinks the first 10 through, my 2nd time though I did not die, and thus got the achieve. I do believe doing Brawler in Arsenal (Gunnery) may be a very tough ask, though I may try it just to see.

In order to do Brawler. Engage Brawler and one of the beasts (either will do) within their respective circles. Do not hit the other beast. Using your knockback, split the beasts apart. The beast you did hit, you attack, Brawler will follow. Run around the beast within the circle dpsing so as to avoid as many stacks as possible from Brawler.
The other beast that you did not hit, will agro on to the healing output of your companion pretty quickly. Once one beast is down, repeat the running circles around the last beast, till only Brawler is left. Pop a defensive CD and burn his ***.
It should be noted, when the first beast dies, Brawler will agro onto your companion, you need to get him off it by attacking him immediately or your companion is toast.

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05.05.2016 , 12:03 AM | #3
Knockbacked everything, killed the one with less buffs, killed the one with more buffs, killed the brawler.

Healer companion facetanked the other two while I got the first one down then facetanked the brawler while I killed the second and also the brawler.

Don't believe it matters but I was in gunnery all the time.

Only boss I died on was this one because ignoring mechanics but went fine after I looked at the buffs and report for it and all the ones after

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05.06.2016 , 01:37 AM | #4
1. Make sure your companion is specced to heals. Have it attack one of the beasts (doesn't matter which one).
2. You attack both the boss and the other beast. Attack the boss as much as you can until it becomes untouchable, then attack the beat, and move out of the bosses circle (so you don't get punched).
3. Repeat 2 until boss is dead. Enrage on the beasts is not bad at all, so just kill the one you are on, then the one your companion has been facetanking the whole fight.
4. ????????
5. Profit
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