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Imperial Shock Trooper Class; A new Class Very Similar to the Republic Commando

STAR WARS: The Old Republic > English > Classes > Commando / Mercenary
Imperial Shock Trooper Class; A new Class Very Similar to the Republic Commando

lpipkin's Avatar

07.05.2016 , 08:41 AM | #11
i would settle for a new advance class for all classes

Bounty Hunter: Rifle
Trooper: Pistol
Agent: Pistol
Smuggler: Rifle
Sith Warrior/Jedi Knight: Doublesaber
JC/Sith inq: Unarmed

i would like it if they made it made some new advance classes that used those weapon sets and all of the advance classes did something like the damage they did would heal the party for x mount of what they inflected.

AdjeYo's Avatar

07.06.2016 , 09:35 AM | #12
I dont think blaster rifles quite fit the smugler, but then again operative would really look a lot cooler with a pistol imho. And for the love of god, give powertechs rifles already Bioware, come on you can do it!. As for the doublesaber for warriors/knights, I don't know it kinda feels like it would take away from the uniqueness of sins/shadows.
Just my two cents.

KoToRAddict's Avatar

07.06.2016 , 11:26 AM | #13
Yeah I'd love to get to play as a rank and file storm trooper type. There could be some really cool story arcs there like from the Timothy Zahn book Allegiance.

Also seriously lets please let Bounty Hunters use blaster rifles. PLEASE!
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AlphaSaberS's Avatar

07.07.2016 , 08:34 AM | #14
Ims should get a "Privateer" class with story based around random galactic lore and events happening from Rishi onward, and Pubs should get a "Jedi Explorer" class who has similar story leading into as the pirate.

Get this a "Lost Sith" class for the Imps with story based on discovery of the events just after the newest Fallen Empire story and the Pubs would then get the "Traveler" who has been on the outer rim exploring and who had been caught in a war between a race not previously seen in the galaxy (much like when thrawns society was found.)

Privateer uses pistols in medium range and vibro-Sword in close range like the shotgun secondary it is pulled out when used in range.
Advanced classes would be "Pirate" or "Swashbuckler" Pirates would use Laser cannons. Swashbuckler would use Vibro-Sword as primary

Jedi Explorer uses the force with artifacts to amplify his abilities but does not use a lightsaber. Either a light-whip or use of a ranged weapon.
Advanced classes would be "Jedi Ranger" or "Jedi Watchman" Jedi Ranger would use Pistols as his abilities utilizing speed and agility. Jedi Watchman would use a light whip and focus on crowd control through use of AOE artifact casts that are used for extensive periods of time but the player only has one until he decides to cast it in another location. both classes have strong telekinetic abilities in the form of force wave radial.

Lost Sith would use a "glass blade" secondary. (think they are called shikkar.) that is used in several abilities force throw and fractured blade strike. as well as backstab and the like. They would wield a vibro-sword or single sabers.
Advanced classes would be "Ravager" or "Force Master" Ravager would use poison DOTs and force lightning damage while casting attacks. Force master would use acrobatics in conjunction with the force to attack several enemy in a dual using the force to boost his speed and stamina

The Traveler would use a Blaster rifle and secondary pistol in close range shootouts with heavy output like full auto or hail of bolts also it would have a set to stun ability for close range CC.
Advanced classes would be "Weaponer" or "Explorer" Weaponer would use a sniper or a blaster rifle and be capable of using an offhand pistol as well. Explorer would use stealth to initiate attacks without breaking stealth (grenade in the pocket or Poisoned dart) this would allow him to cast an attack before beginning an onslaught with his primary weapon a blaster rifle.

Other Ideas are Shield toting force lance wielding force experts for either side. I really want to see a Yord (Yoda's Species) or a wookie Jedi who uses specifically Shotos/Greatsaber repectivly