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Gunnery stats PVP

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05.11.2016 , 12:32 PM | #1
Can someone tell me stat priority?

And is Surge still a stat?

Specifics would be helpful.

Should I be wearing Eliminator or Tech gear?

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05.11.2016 , 01:52 PM | #2
Get the T2 set with -energy shield and with autocrit on demo round (can't remember the set)
Serendipitous assault + focused retribution
Adept earpiece/implants.
Once you have everything, begin to look at 208 mods vendor. your goal is to have all mods/enhancement with low end/high power/high mastery (generally "adept" or lethal stuff")

Critical cap is 1200 - 1250.

Power cap is 3400 with stim & augments. This is mandatory for biggest hits (25k+ demo rounds).

Accuracy cap is 105% but very arguable. But never reach this cap. If you really want some accuracy, put 1 accuracy enhancement (+137 rating) or accuracy stim (+210) but you will lose a good chunk of power/mastery.

Alacrity.... is arguable too. I've seen some great commandos use around 400 450. Cap is between 800 and 900. getting Alacrity cap is getting around 9% more attack speed but at the cost of almost all your power augments.

Mastery augments... i dont know. On the pvp forum, theorycrafters say they suck and power augs are better. On the pve "optimal stats" topic, they say mastery aug > power aug....

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05.11.2016 , 05:37 PM | #3
You'll want the Eliminator Set for the Set bonus.

The gear you get is actually optimized for dps I believe (at least in terms of stat distribution) as the previous poster alluded to, you may want to take out the accuracy enhancements (at most keep 1 or 2 in). For me, I like have around 1200 crit, and the rest alacrity augments, with maybe a power augment or two for good measure.

PVP is very fluid, so what you want is probably dependent on your play style. I like having lots of crit, so when I get lucky with my demo round its hit super hard, and a fair amount of alacrity, so I can get off as many moves in as short a period of time as possible, but again, that's a personal preference. But as long as you get all the 208 gear, take out some of the accuracy enhancements, you probably will be fine, and any lapses in dps compared to others is just experience rather than gear.
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