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Possible Bodyguard Upgrades (Suggestion for Devs)

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Possible Bodyguard Upgrades (Suggestion for Devs)

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06.20.2012 , 06:56 PM | #1
I've been playing Bodyguard and Arsenal off and on since launch. I read these forums often for playstyle suggestions and many other things. I felt strong enough about a couple simple ideas that could help Merc Healing perform better and bring it in line with the sorc and ops big dog numbers. I will not in any way bring up suggestions for the arsenal crowd, there are soo many already, so here goes my opinion a viable fix for Bodyguard. Place an added feature to the ability "Supercharged Gas" from the Bodyguard tree. Add "Life From Above", this ability changes Death From Above Aoe Damage into Aoe Heals. If you want some rp story with it, "You change ammunition to Kolto Missiles to aid failing allies". Make the ability Heal for as much as it does damage with same radius and all that. Also if the number crunchers wanted to yell "OP" or anything like that, place penalties around it then. Make the Heat cost double, which could be bypassed if you have Thermal Sensor Override saved up for the occasion. Also keep it to 4 targets since the developers kept that amount of players affected by Kolto Missile. I feel that this could help us tremendously "Nuke" players health back up in PvP and in Ops. I thought this up when seeing the high numbers that the sorc Aoe ground heal produces as a fair way to produce similar numbers.

A side suggestion I have concerning the abilities from 2 trees. "Kolto Vents" from the Arsenal tree. and "Heat Damping" from the Bodyguard tree. Lets be honest Arsenal community, does anyone pick this talent up? Also Bodyguard community, does anyone buy this? I could be wrong, but the majority would say NO. So lets switch em out. The big problem with our Heat mechanic are its costs, so when you're playing Arsenal going crazy trying to kill and overheat is the last thing you want. So switch Heat damping into Kolto Vent slot and maybe change its contents to perhaps a Fusion Missile discount along with the current discounts. As a Healer the heat mechanic is of huge importance as well, and if you look at the Bodyguard tree it offers a 2 point ability "Improved Vents" that allows more heat to be displaced. This ability is great and work well in concert with "Kolto Vents" to help the healer's survivability when heat becomes an issue.

Anyway, I don't post barely ever--- Hopefully these suggestions get the eye of a Developer and maybe you community guys will like them and push them along. Just trying to help the class and the game.