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The fate of Skank Tanks in 6.0

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The fate of Skank Tanks in 6.0

Kraysk's Avatar

09.13.2019 , 08:03 PM | #1
I'm not sure where this thread belongs so just made it here.
Let's talk about what can be done to make life of those who play such hybrids easier.
Set bonuses tied to shells is already great deal.
But can we go further?
Maybe, Immortal & Darkness sets variants that come with DPS stats?
What do you think?

steveerkcanjerk's Avatar

09.14.2019 , 02:03 AM | #2
how about no. Skank tanks have throttle the meta for pvp for some time. Especially since heal/dps hybrids are not viable. They are the only role that gets to double dip in the best of both worlds. A skank jugg can hit for 25k+ but then have a dcd cycle to match any tank. At this point they dont need to be in the game, there could be variance in types of tanks within their role but this role creep with dps stats is not what is needed.
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MasterRummy's Avatar

09.14.2019 , 09:48 AM | #3
How about No? Who gives this right? If I choose to use DPS mods, armoring and enhancements then I do, and no one should have that right to change my idea of my type of modding. Yes, currently we are allowed to mod the set bonus gear as we wish. Additionally there is actual set bonus gear for pvp aspects where you can add in your tanking mods accordingly. As a High Endurance Tank, I will be wanting to add what I wish to add to my gear. And if others don't like it, then oh well. At the end of the day, it is all about "PLAY YOUR WAY", is it not?

And why would I want to make my tanks just like anyone else's set up? That is utter foolishness, nor is that the way of the Sith

Eric, Devs, what say you?