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Please Devs, do not overlook:

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Please Devs, do not overlook:

PatT's Avatar

09.15.2019 , 02:46 PM | #1
3. That Artifice has not been gettiing schematics to make new hilts, nor have they gotten new dye colors or new color crystals in forever. You can pick up new schems for biochem, for cybertech, (slottable items, not just entire, non moddable pieces) but nothing for Artifice.

Please make sure that Artifice stays relevant in some way.

2. Conquest drops of collectible material items has stalled out at grade 7 mats. Why not add grade 8-10 items to the loot llist?

Some things seem to get updated, like having them on scrap vendors, while other things are overlooked.

I'm sure other people can think of other completely overlooked areas in recent updates that I hope will be remembered. If you cannot obtain grade 10 mats except in one place, and you have to break the story to just go there, then maybe it would be good to make them available as placeable decos like grades 1-7 is so that crafters that are returning, or new, don' have destroy their story to craft.
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09.15.2019 , 05:33 PM | #2
I haven't looked at Artifice yet, but they should be able to craft stuff like hilts, sabers, foci, and relics at 600 and then again at 640 or so. Of course, they're probably blocked by insane crafting mat requirements just like cybertech, synthweaving, and armstech craftables are. The advanced schematics for them should also be locked behind reverse engineering too, which isn't all that helpful since the RE chance has been lowered to 20% (to learn blue), 10% (to learn purple), and 5% (to learn gold.)

All crafters are in the same predicament. About the only crafting profession that make stuff beyond components is biochem, and nobody will want their stuff because of how ridiculously expensive they are to make. The simplest potion biochem has is more expensive than the very same version being sold by the med droid vendors, the Kyrprax medpac. Biochem gets worse from there, but, except for its craftable implants, it is not locked behind the conquest wall.

I hadn't noticed any grade 8-10 conquest materials being gone. I think they should be available form the Jawa scrap peddlers. However, the grade 8-10 tier 2 exotics like Iokath Recombinators are no longer available, so crafters might need to stock up before 6.0 arrives.

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09.16.2019 , 03:00 PM | #3
well, 8-10 are avail on the Jawa vendors. BUT, the decos you can place in your stronghold, that drop as rewards for hitting your personal conquest goal, that are harvestable... THOSE stop at 7.

It would be nice if they upgraded those.

How very sad that everything has gone back to reverse engineering. Only raiders used to get those, if they raided enough, in an honest guild with people that didn't ninja loot, and then the rate was abysmal. How very sad. Going back to the bad old days is not upgrade from 5.x -- it's a step back. More like a leap off a cliff.

I'll be going back to ESO if this game goes back to the state it was in 2 years ago.
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