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I spend too much

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06.09.2020 , 06:39 AM | #41
I feel I should be able to play this game for the sub money so I do not buy additional CCs. Everything I 'buy' is from the free monthly CCs.

Where the CC money goes is indeed uncertain. The one thing we do know for certain however, is that if too little money is spend, it will mean the end of SWTOR. So I am still grateful so many people decide to 'support' SWTOR this way.
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06.09.2020 , 12:04 PM | #42
I don't agree with this idea of, "I buy from the CM, so I'm supporting the game." that's been expressed by several people in this thread. You support the game by subscribing, because that's money in the bank for them. The CM, they have no guarantee of what's going to be a hot seller or not.

Even still, EA has the final say on how profits are reinvested, and during Anthem's development, it was suspected SWTOR was not getting reinvested in as much as it needed. In business, you must reinvest some of the profits back into your product to remain competitive. The newest theory is now the Anthem rework plus the new Dragon Age game are siphoning resources away from SWTOR. This is purely conjecture, but if the SWTOR team was being allocated the resources it needed, we'd see content produced faster, lots more bugfixes, QoL improvements, and other improvements made to the game at a much faster pace.

The best way to show your "support" is by becoming a subscriber, and as a subscriber, being active on the forums, pushing for bugfixes, pointing out new bugs, and making suggestions on how the game can be improved.
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06.09.2020 , 12:18 PM | #43
Quote: Originally Posted by omegaworm View Post
I have a tendancy to impulsively purchase $100 worth of cartel coins every week or so. Am i just one of a handful of people that do this? I guess my question is, how much do you regularly spend on Cartel coins and what is it you like to purchase with them?
You spend too much
I probably don't spend enough

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