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Peace! Brothers and Sisters Please Remain Calm:)

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Peace! Brothers and Sisters Please Remain Calm:)

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12.13.2011 , 08:44 AM | #1
I know that everyone and their dog is eager to get into the game and start playing, it's why we're all here.. it's why the forum is already expanding at a viral rate with all sorts of posts.. but why are so many so angry?

Not not everyone mind you, but many of you are posting rather unfair and silly things about how disappointed you are in the company for this launch, how you paid your preorder and should be playing now etc etc etc.
A simple reminder my dear Alliance friends.. and potential Sith enemies who make no mistake will be tasting my boot eventually

A PREORDER is something you buy to ensure you have the game on LAUNCH day. For a very long time there wasn't even a mention of "Early Access", and I can only assume many recent preorders were a direct result of the mention of said early access.
I can understand the desire to dive in, but the promise was for UP TO 5 days early access. Unfair, and unreasonable to expect we all get in on the first day.

I myself preordered back in mid-Oct so I'm expecting 1-3 days early access tops *shrugs* who knows, I'd love more but not gonna expect it.

This Early Access is a nice gesture on behalf of Bioware and associates, it goes to show they're honestly trying to put the community first, and that they're trying to fine tune this game so we all have a great time. By admitting a few preorders at a time, they can ramp up the servers and ease them up to speed and optimal performance.

Remain calm try not to freak out, keep in mind you paid for a game that is only truly out on the 20th, and for goodness sake be nice to Bioware, this early access is quite rare for companies to even attempt.