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6.0 Set Bonus Shells - Remove Class Restrictions for Players' Cosmetic Choices

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6.0 Set Bonus Shells - Remove Class Restrictions for Players' Cosmetic Choices

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10.10.2019 , 03:45 AM | #1
While folks will be grinding for the appropriate set bonuses for their favored specs/classes at first in 6.0, as time goes on, collecting set bonus shells for cosmetics will become a desire for some. I believe I even saw achievements for earning all of them.

Currently, set bonus shells are restricted to base class, i.e. Knight and Warrior, Consular and Inquisitor, etc. This means, while legacy bound, they can only be put in Outfit Designer for specific classes, which is unfortunate.

There are sets from past eras of the game that players haven't been able to acquire on their newer characters or share within their legacies since the armor pieces are bound. For example, I have characters I'd really like to use a SoR-era headpiece on, and it's finally available again in 6.0! But it won't work for most classes, even though legacy bound, because of class restriction on the shell.

A solution to this is to remove the class restriction but still keep the label for what base class the set is intended for in the tool tip.

This way, players have additional incentive to grind for sets or pieces of them without being potentially confused what classes the set bonus is to be used on.

Please make this change. As minor as it seems, it adds a bunch of value to earning gear pieces and lets longtime subscribers use gear that was taken out of the game and never added to the Cartel Market, even if some of it would have probably sold well. This includes shells like the old Revanite sets from 3.0, Kell Dragon gear from 2.0 (some players like blinky lights for some reason), or other sets that are generally unique that haven't been obtainable for years.

Finally, another alternative is to add cosmetic-only versions of set bonus shells on a vendor as a credit sink, since 6.0 seems to really be into that.

In short, please implement some way we can use the new set bonus shells in Outfit Designer for all classes, not just the base classes the set bonus is intended for.
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