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Powertech / Vanguard Still a punching bag in PVP

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Powertech / Vanguard Still a punching bag in PVP

NateCrazy's Avatar

10.30.2019 , 04:24 PM | #1
These are the frustrations of a long time PT player.

As anyone who has played a PT / VG these last few years knows the classes have the worst DCD in the game, in 6.0 we are given 1 addition at 72 which is not bad but more is needed. investing a lot of time post expansion i had hoped the state of things would have changed but it surely has not.

I have now most classes at level 75 and by far the PT / VG is still the worst off when it comes to survival, along with Madness sorc but that's another thread.

How long do people need to complain before you guys actually listen to us and do something about it. It cant be you are that disconnected with your own game and community that you are not aware of this issue, so whats the problem here? Hell better yet, grab a PT / VG and play ranked or any 4v4 WZ and see how you go and ask yourself.. was that fun for you?

In 6.0 many classes that where already better then others are given things that they do not need widening the gap between them even further, Warriors / Knights more damage, Sniper / Slinger Holo-Locate.

PT/ VG has decent damage as it stands, but it has ramp up time. So the argument that they have some of the best damage in the game is not holding water with me as you don't survive long enough to rack it up.

Fiqh's Avatar

10.30.2019 , 09:30 PM | #2
There is a long wind up. But I mostly pvp. Im APT. So the general rule is if it procs, pop it. For pyro its all about the dots. But managing that for me is too much work. And in pvp if you dont have a healer and tank guarding you wont have enough up time to do any real damage. Apt is compromise your targets armor then lazer x 4 cellburs rinse repeat.