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5.10.3 The Dantooine Incursion Feedback

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5.10.3 The Dantooine Incursion Feedback
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taxidermis's Avatar

04.20.2019 , 04:31 AM | #11
No qt at imp base. Difficulty of heroics is nice where it is they are actually a challenge to solo. One note... if this is a recurring event please add a vendor for cosmetic armor and weapons like the other events.. decos are awsome but I fear event interest will die off soon if no armor set or weapon set to grind 4.
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04.20.2019 , 04:45 AM | #12
Indeed, I am very happy with the decoration rewards (I love strongholds), but I imagine that other people who aren't as interested in decorating will want something on which to spend their reputation rewards.
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SushaBrancaleone's Avatar

04.20.2019 , 07:20 AM | #13
tried the area and the daily quests.
really enoyed the baobabs. Wouldve expected vegetationt o be less. green. more on the dry side with baobads etc..
livestreamed my playthrough
couple of bugs here and there. strange one is a sound bug when exiting buildings. sound clips. are several examples in video.
Soloed all heroics with 257 tank and 50 comp, yes a bit long but ofc they're supposed to be for more so.
was really hoping to see the new huttball map but there are never people quing, is it possible to enter wzs witout a match going. or a lower population pts version?

Ollmich's Avatar

04.20.2019 , 09:16 AM | #14
I’m very happy to visit Dantooine again even though it’s so small. Makes me feel nostalgic. Also, THAT MUSIC.

It’s nice to see that not everything on the planet evolves around pirates' attack. Little things like codex entries and mysterious datapads (I found two so far) are much appreciated.

I also have a suggestion regarding new conquest: wouldn’t it make sense if Rishi dailies were added, or objectives like “defeat x amount of Nova Blade pirates on Rishi”?

And what these dudes are doing down there?

Unperson's Avatar

04.20.2019 , 10:41 AM | #15
I kept getting wiped by SYSTEM OVERLOAD in Reactor Ransom, despite being outside of the conduit AOE. Works fine when the conduits only explode on one side of the room so I can stand on the opposite side, but if I try to stand on the small safe area near the door when all conduits blow, it kills me about 75% of the time.

I could just facetank Yarvok's Special Blend rather than letting him destroy the reactor, but I'm guessing the bonus is supposed to involve a similar mechanic to M&B/IZAX AOE phases, since doing it without him hitting the generator apparently doesn't satisfy the condition for the bonus even though, technically, you never "repaired" the conduits.

ZeridanShear's Avatar

04.20.2019 , 11:03 AM | #16
Character: Reddington
Level: 70
Faction: Republic

Quest: An Enemy Among Friends

The respawn timer for Quartermaster Konnari is WAY too long at 4mins30seconds (yep, I timed it, as I despise these long respawn timer quest objectives). Please drastically lower the respawn timer or better yet - instance the building he is in. As it stands, it will be a clusterf*ck of people waiting and kill stealing. 30 seconds should be the MAXIMUM respawn timer for critical quest objectives like this.

Quest: [Heroic 2] Shiny New Toy

The Aegis System is too fast to re-apply (looks to be 15 seconds). Even if interrupted, the EMP rockets have a MUCH longer cooldown timer than the Aegis System does. Shock & Awe also completely kills a full 258 geared character with 3 hits. If this is to be a Heroic 2 (assuming its a forced Heroic 2, as I'm sure 2 people with 2 different cooldown timers are the forced ideal), tone the walker down or change the description to Heroic 4.

Quest: Broadside Barrage

The Pirate Ship at the northeast corner can have a barrage dropped on it, but the quest doesn't update. EDIT: evidently it works, but the area where you need to drop is very, very small compared to the other objectives.

Quest: Dantooinian Restabilization

As others have mentioned, there are no explosives visible to disarm.

General Feedback: I'm surprised there are only 6 dailies to complete. Ossus was great in that it had so many different ones to choose from if you found one or more annoying to complete. Will more be added?

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04.20.2019 , 01:44 PM | #17
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04.20.2019 , 03:00 PM | #18
I'll leave the wall of text behind a spoiler tag, but overall I'm quite pleased with the update. Minus a few bugs and an ungodly amount of lag it was pretty well, disappointed no Jedi Enclave but here's hoping we can get to visiting it in a future patch.

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veritasgamer's Avatar

04.20.2019 , 03:22 PM | #19
Quote: Originally Posted by Przemo_No View Post
Hard to say what it exactly is, cos we only have access to dailies and after doing Ossus dailies for 51687463 times, it feels...tiresome..

in case Dantooine becomes another Ossus in terms of getting gear, I am sorry, but my sub will end there, after 7,5 years. I cannot stand it anymore.
This dantooine us a limited event like here or bounty hunter not accessable 24/7 so it won't be gear related or a constant daily grind

Mzuta's Avatar

04.20.2019 , 03:45 PM | #20
1.)Tried to activate the event off the fleet, the video animation wasn't finished not a problem because pts but the event wouldn't start so i had to head directly to the planet.

2.) +2 heroics were not a problem for a 258 sith juggernaut but I have a feeling that not everyone will have it so easy.

3.) The level 4 heroic I think called shiny new toy where you have to protect some civilian from big gus or something like that after the first 2 mobs there are 2 more mobs not too close together but if you attack the closest one all enemy npc's are aggroed.

4.) I have to agree with another poster one the mission where you have to pick up the enemy coms after the first time, we shouldn't have to hear it over and over again.

5.) Like the polly secret and the well secret and the temple secret got me in the feels.

6.) Unfortunately, there isn't enough lore codex's . I can tell you i was extremely bummed that we couldn't revisit the jedi enclave or see what the state is of the crystal cave. is. If you guys are saving that for a flashpoint or future story okay. But as someone who thoroughly enjoyed kotor 1 and 2. I am kinda sad i can see those things. But for an event it's not bad.

7.) I didn't happen to see a world boss so can we get a few champion elites around that have some kind of chance of dropping something cool or a drop that give a lot of rep points.

8.)The map also felt a bit small, maybe that's just me .

9) btw as annoying as mar'gok 2.0 is there away we can kill and loot him. After "resorting to violence" it sucks that we can't kill and loot him. Kinda feels like you've been trolled when you win.

Summary: Besides a few things I would like to see this fully fleshed out as a whole planet. Most of us who played kotor 1 and 2 want to revisit our old stomping grounds, but like I said if the reason it that you have not included that other side of dantooine is that it is left for a flashpoint in the style of rakata prime as we can fight from the start point through the crystal caves through the old jedi ruins (some lore codex about revan malak and exar kun maybe some darth traya lore codex where she kills the jedi masters in kotor 2), then it would be okay that we can't see those areas now.