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Masterwork Gear Changes in 5.10

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Masterwork Gear Changes in 5.10
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Hellhog's Avatar

11.20.2018 , 03:06 PM | #11
Thanks for the update Eric, I have a few questions.

1-2 Unassembled Component turn ins
^ Does this mean it is now capped? Will cost after turning in one still go up?

Will mainhands and offhands be available for purchase via upgrade?

Will mods and enhancements still be bound to piece type?

Will players have the ability to purchase specific mods and enhancements of their choice? Such as if a dps or healer wants to buy a different enhancement for min/maxing? Or if a tank wants to run a different set of enhancements or different mod variations?
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mrphstar's Avatar

11.20.2018 , 03:17 PM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by Kaizersan View Post
This is worse than before now it will take even longer to get 258 since you have to waste master work crystals on 252 to even buy it not sure that you were getting the point of why people were complaining about getting 258 pvpers just wanted it as fast as pve players instead your logic is to make it worse for both pve and pvp players by requiring 252 to buy 258 it makes no sense.
thats what you get for crying. now its equal, but worse for both. thanks pvp com. god i hate these people so much...

FiLaBugh's Avatar

11.20.2018 , 03:20 PM | #13
LUL what the **** is this musco??? LUL

Ld-Siris's Avatar

11.20.2018 , 03:22 PM | #14
I have a question on this disintegration. Is this the disassemble from the button on the inventory page or is this only apply to the command crates? I get a piece of gear from a lock box then I assume there is no disintegration button. I know you can disintegrate from the command crates but it appears as you can get the gear from other places and if you get a piece you donít need how do you disintegrate it?

Side note, though I know it makes sense from a high tier elder game standpoint (ie MM GotM), Iím still a little sad this is only applying to ranked pvp. I usually donít do ranked because I actually enjoy 8v8 more plus more pops.

snave's Avatar

11.20.2018 , 03:23 PM | #15
This is the worst of all worlds.

I literally lose money from not subbing because of the number of referral links I have but I'm done with this mess.

Keith, you've messed up. This is beyond stupid and somehow despite this studio making terrible decision after terrible decision, I'm still shocked by how stupid this one is.

Good luck playing space barbie because that is literally all this game is now.

Kaizersan's Avatar

11.20.2018 , 03:32 PM | #16
Quote: Originally Posted by waslaf View Post
so you can not upgrade 252 to 258 by UCs like in the tiers up to t4 and need to buy these crystals with my UCs instead?
No you have to have 252 to get 258 you don't need 248 to get 252 though.

MandoMetal's Avatar

11.20.2018 , 03:36 PM | #17
At this point I think I only play the game to lul at how bad it is
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merovejec's Avatar

11.20.2018 , 03:40 PM | #18
Well at least now we can upgrade from 252 to 258

I think its fine this way, I also feared how this would influcence ranked pvp as people might get gear too fast. This way it should be slow for all I hope.
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Medullah's Avatar

11.20.2018 , 03:53 PM | #19
Quote: Originally Posted by merovejec View Post
Well at least now we can upgrade from 252 to 258

I think its fine this way, I also feared how this would influcence ranked pvp as people might get gear too fast. This way it should be slow for all I hope.
Currently on the PTS you could go to 258 directly, now it's the same cost except you have to have a 252 piece to trade in. So it's worse for 258 than it is on the PTS.

And the boxes with a piece of gear is a good idea in theory, but I see myself with 7 belts trying to get that damn bracer, Galactic Command all over again.

Recommendation - nuke the trade in component for 258s, let people buy them outright if they want to, add a vendor that will give you crystals for 252 shells that you have so if you get 7 belts it's not a nightmare.

KendraP's Avatar

11.20.2018 , 03:54 PM | #20
First, and again, thank you for pretending to listen to the issues we had.

Next, you still refuse to address my primary point. why add gear at this point in the game, considering that:

1. You purposefully overtuned HM gods in the first place, anticipating no NiM would ever exist. Now that it does, you are rescaling HM to be a "proper" HM. Thus, if existing NiM is completable in 248, NiM gods should be too. If you are choosing to make it harder, so that it requires more gear, again why? New gear tiers with no new level caps make no sense.

2. The "grind keeps people around" argument, from my perspective, is complete and utter nonsense. I am attempting to get it through your obviously abnormally thick skill, Musco, that should I stay, I am doing it IN SPITE OF the gear grind i will inevitably end up participating in. I am NOT doing a gear grind because I enjoy it, and by extension, this is NOT retaining me as a player - frankly at this point my guild and the lack of another game I care to play are doing that. To expand this argument from purely my perspective, at one point prior to the pvp changes that destroyed my guild's playerbase, I had about 10-15 active players on any given day. We're down to 2-6 because of the previous changes. This is a 40-87% decrease in active and subscribing members. Guess how many of those (previously subscribing) players are returning? None.

3. The encourage NiM/bring back NiM argument is equally nonsense. These players left due to a lack of regular new content and a very small pool of players to chose from. The former is still true, as any new NiM raids will be few and far between, and the latter is merely amplified as the talented player population decreases.

4. If you must add this futless grind, why must it be seperate from the existing system that took absurdly long to reach a manageable level? I can only assume your intention is to encourage players to play the new content so that you can call it a success. To this I wish to repeat my point on the gear grind: simple participation does not equal pleasure or long term retention. To retain players long term, you must keep them happy. Just because I am doing something DOES NOT mean I am ENJOYING it. Thus, if simple, short term numbers are your measure of success, you are measuring success incredibly poorly, and the consistent decline in members is extraordinarily explanable.

My personal opinion is that this is being done for a very simple reason. Specifically Mr. Kanneg wants it done. As someone who deals with orders from above on a daily basis, I can guarantee to you that this is very often the least effective method of morale improvement. You cannot force your will on someone and expect them to enjoy it. You must inspire or motivate them to partake and be a part of the comminity. Forcing Mr. Kanneg's desire and trying to tell us we like it or leave will merely result in more people leaving, however you attempt to sugar coat it Musco.

On the more specific topic at discussion here, i am glad you are shortening the grind. But given that you are increasingly tying the gear to simpler, possibly soloable, pve content does little to make me believe this gear was ever only intended for the 1%.