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Feedback: Rishi Stronghold (Final PTS)

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Feedback: Rishi Stronghold (Final PTS)
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07.25.2018 , 04:09 PM | #101
Quote: Originally Posted by LadyAdmiral View Post
This isn't feedback about the stronghold but instead about the team. Holy crap. You guys are killing it. Well done!!! It's been very cool to see the player feedback turn into ingame changes, and see players feel like they're being "listened" to. Every time there's been an update for Rishi there's a lot of excitement I've seen from players of all types.
Oh my goodness yes. Thanks very much to the team!!! Not just for the actual work (which definitely deserves thanks, especially for going above-and-beyond to add a new space) but also for listening. I've been only too happy to put in many hours of testing, screencapping, and post-writing here because I really did believe the feedback was actually getting to the team, and it's really wonderful to see you guys responding.

Not every suggestion your players make is going to be a good one, and not every suggestion is going to be feasible, but just as the devs know things the players don't about what is possible to do, the players often know better what's useful to do just because as players we often spend more time with the finished product. With strongholds I think that is particularly true, because we're the ones who spend hours/days/years meticulously and lovingly decorating, which I strongly suspect is not something the devs do in their spare time. I can understand that; I want to get away from work too once my shift is done!

I am very excited to get into the PTS and check out the new updates. I'm sure I'll have more posts to make when that happens.

To close, and with the full understanding that not all of the upcoming changes have been reflected in your dev posts so far, I still want to call out the four key issues from this earlier post I made. Based on a lot of the discussion in this thread, and on the discussion I know happens elsewhere (that's just a "take my word for it" but please do take my word for it), these are regarded by many as important issues. That original post I linked to goes into more detail, but here's the bullet-point reminder list:
  1. Lift the personal cap on strongholds, ideally providing the option for people to purchase additional slots, with duplicate SHs if possible.
  2. Allow guilds to have more than one guild stronghold, so that they aren't forced to sacrifice their existing SH to get Rishi.
  3. Address the remaining issues with hooks in Rishi. (The addition of the new area is going to be awesome, but that doesn't mean some of these existing hook issues don't need to be addressed.)
  4. Increase the X/Y axes!! I suggested from 20 to 40 because that would let us get Large-hook-only decos all the way to the actual edge of the hook, and I didn't know if going over 40 would break something. But others have suggested more than 40, and frankly increasing to the furthest limit that the game can feasibly support would really be the way to go. You just can't go wrong with giving us more flexibility.

And don't forget to consider making changes to the hook-assignments for the Martial (wall) decos if possible! Especially pertinent for leveraging these after you guys finish correcting the LOS issues.

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07.26.2018 , 07:50 AM | #102
Quote: Originally Posted by JediBoadicea View Post
Oh my goodness yes. Thanks very much to the team!!! Not just for the actual work (which definitely deserves thanks, especially for going above-and-beyond to add a new space) but also for listening. I've been only too happy to put in many hours of testing, screencapping, and post-writing here because I really did believe the feedback was actually getting to the team, and it's really wonderful to see you guys responding.
There's not much to add to what JediBoadicea and Swtorista wrote. Even though we sometimes behave like a bunch of 12 years old, your playerbase still is a huge pool of gaming experience. Tap it.

That the delay(!) of a patch is met with so much positive feedback is mainly because of another issue that could use some work - Delaying the release shouldn't have been neccessary at all, this isn't a 1990's single player game; you could always add more to the stronghold later on. We resorted to "passionate pleas" because we are used to a "fire and forget" release policy. We learned that once something is released, it will stay that way for years to come, seeing only minor modifications if any at all.

I hope this two-way communication between devs and players will continue even after the PTS is closed.
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07.26.2018 , 08:32 AM | #103
Quote: Originally Posted by AscendingSky View Post
Unfortunately guild versions of strongholds tend to run around 3x what the personal stronghold costs, so I expect the Rishi SH will run 40+ million credits to unlock. It would be nice if as a limited time offer they reduced the price for purchasing the guild stronghold version of Rishi (since people can't buy that with Cartel Coins anyways so EA won't miss out on those sweet sweet microtransactions) to help balance out the pain in the neck that it is to shut down one guild stronghold you've already decorated and redo it all over again. Hint hint if you're reading, Charles and Keith!
Wasn't the Umbara stronghold the same price for a guild?

If nothing else, the single-room expansions need to be cheaper.

I would strongly prefer for a guild to have multiple strongholds, but if that's not in the cards...

Perhaps this is an easier solution: When a guild shuts down the stronghold they've unlocked to switch to another, don't charge them anything to switch back. It's my understanding that there's a hefty fee to re-activate a stronghold, even though the expansions remain unlocked. Reduce that fee to zero. Sure, we'd still have to redecorate from scratch, but it would be better than nothing.

Finally, I agree with Mubrak. The reason I'm so happy about the delay is because things released with bugs usually stay buggy. Sure, once in a blue moon something gets fixed, but not nearly as fast as the new bugs pile up. "Fire and forget" is a perfect description. The list keeps getting longer and that's very disheartening.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking the time to do a fantastic job!
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07.26.2018 , 09:03 AM | #104
I brought this up before when the Rishi Stronghold first came out in PTS that the landing platform where we load in should have a starship hook. For immersion purposes, i just think it makes sense. The current starship hook available for the ground section is on the beach. The patrol carrier can accommodate 6 on the skydeck if reconfigured. Please give more starship hook options for the ground.
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07.26.2018 , 10:49 AM | #105
I hope we get some more information about when the update will hit the PTS, I'm eager to get in there and see what the team came up with. I like the look of the addition from the outside. I think with the inclusion of a civic building this SH could really become a standout for the stronghold portion of this game. Eee! Can't wait to see it!

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07.26.2018 , 04:56 PM | #106
jeez...the 2x cexp exp should stay for a MONTH at least

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08.30.2018 , 07:03 AM | #107
Quote: Originally Posted by CharlesBoyd View Post
A key piece of feedback we've definitely seen and investigated is the addition of a "house" type of building to the stronghold; unfortunately, that just isn't something we can feasibly add.
What you guys need to realize is that because of the HUGE size of the Stronghold only a specific type of Subscriber will be using it in fact there are structure's and environments that are unusable and un-able to be opened within this stronghold. Many people I speak to enjoy homely residential areas.

This is not to say you guys were lazy and just decided to give mass open world at the expense of detail and interaction. Actually it is the opposite there is a lot of detail and work put into this stronghold to make it look amazing.. not everyone will use it or can.

In my opinion, the incredible work you guys have done could be better spent in providing more compact options in the style of 3 stronghold variations of the same planet. As opposed to 1 Huge Scaled zone.

1 Big
1 Medium
1 Small

Some examples could be say zakuul Planet:
Large - The size of Tattooine's Stronghold or Smaller. (A Zakuul Vaylin style Palace)
Medium - A Villa the size of Narshadaa's Stronghold.
Small - Kaliyo Apartment/Penthouse
(Agent theme 1. Top floor with Vaylin Palace Garden top and a starship hook. 2 .Entry floor with a Spa hook and a decent outside vista of the city)

It does not have to be HUGE size or Zakuul (just using the planet as a example)

And if people want to stack Decorations they can buy all the strongholds.

The Directories on the Fleet can of course still be 'sort by Planet'

Look at other mmos like FFXIV, ESO even LOTRO all have 3 options of residential areas.

Thank You and Kind Regards

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08.30.2018 , 07:23 AM | #108
Just to Add I am one of those subscribers that really wanted this beach home on this Planet for my Smuggler so luckily the hideout has a house for me to use.

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