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Feedback: Rishi Stronghold

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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07.06.2018 , 07:51 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by MandFlurry View Post
Hey Eric, I can't really buy this new SH. I know it's only 500 CCoins but, it's still too much bro. I want to use them on the live srevers
you don't buy it with CC. you buy with credits. you may have to exit and relaunch PTS. and even if it is saying 2.5mil, that's not the actual cost

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07.06.2018 , 07:55 PM | #22
First off, Rishi is darkly beautiful. It was very well thought out and in terms of aesthetics I think you nailed what you were going for perfectly. It was always advertised as a pirate haven so it makes sense that it's got a slum look to it since that's where all the pirates hang out in the SoR story, so I expected it to be that way. I'm definitely going to buy it but I'm personally going to ignore about 60% of the area and focus on the beach, hidden cave, and ship areas.

That being said, I would love to see more hooks of varying sizes along the beach and possibly some in the water as well. Perhaps a few more centerpiece size ones as well with the ability to change them to the standard 4 large, large med mix, etc. to offer those who want the beach type stronghold more options to decorate that specific area.

The only issue I have with the ship is the lack of hooks along the main corridors. It would be nice to have some large hooks tossed in here and there in the center of the corridors just to add a bit of flair to the relatively barren walkways. The top of the ship though is perfect. Not really interested in the PvP options but the regular stronghold hooks have a great selection.

Addendum: Apparently the layouts weren't working on the beach in regards to the Starship hook. Having gone in again they loaded in this time and I am quite pleased with how many options we have and how they are laid out.

Now if only we could get the Shadow of Revan Rishi Torch decoration cap increased to say.... 200... or 999.... then I'd be satisfied. 10 torches isn't going to light my tiki bar properly.
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07.06.2018 , 08:03 PM | #23
Quote: Originally Posted by CrazyScruffy View Post
you don't buy it with CC. you buy with credits. you may have to exit and relaunch PTS. and even if it is saying 2.5mil, that's not the actual cost
You don't get my message, and it was directed at Eric. I have re-launched PTS more than a few times, and prices are still the same, etc etc. The price is still 2.5 mill and 50 CCoins.
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07.06.2018 , 08:27 PM | #24
Gorgeous! It's the little details that really make this a pirate haven - the turtle, the tiny random dust devils, the view from the beach, the clotheslines between recycled bits of ship. Rishi is not a destination vacation planet, unless you are hiding from something or someone. My first pass through inspired a lot of gasping out loud. This is more a playground than traditional stronghold, so "hideout" is the best descriptor. It will be a lovely addition to the rest of my properties.

I found a couple of bugs (mostly places where I got stuck and died) and reported them accordingly. I am excited to dig deeper into the place! Thanks, Devs!

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07.06.2018 , 09:35 PM | #25
Bolster terminal for the strong hold pvp areas to allow people of all lvls and gear to participate together?

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07.06.2018 , 09:35 PM | #26
I like the stronghold very much so far. In terms of hook layout, I think it is much improved from Manaan. I am going to be very picky in my feedback, though, as this is a great chance for us to get it exactly as we want. I will edit this post to add hook layout feedback bit by bit.

All my comments assume that the movement limit of 20 units in each direction is staying put. If it could possibly be increased to 30 or 40, so much more would be possible with the hook arrangements as they are (both for this stronghold and the others).

General Hook Layout Options
I am very pleased by the addition the "Arena" massive array of hook options available on the Sky deck. Being able to choose between Arena, lots of Starship hooks, and a large/medium mix is great. For even more versatility, please consider adding more layout options to large hooks, as per this image. I hope to eventually add an image with centrepiece layout suggestions too. The new massive centrepiece wall decorations you've added via the martial vendors are great, but what would make them even better would be if we could place other decorations close to them.

Sky Deck
I love how you made the Large Training Arena a floor covering, leaving all the other hooks in the arena layout open to however we want to place them. However, I am puzzled by the positioning of some of the hooks in the arena layout, particularly when combined with the ramps that lead from the floor up to the scoring areas for each team. It is so easy to get from the huttball to the scoring line without bothering with the ramps and platforms of the arena decoration. It's the skillful navigation of this structure that's traditional of huttball, but all that can pretty much be ignored because of the ramps from floor to score that are part of the stronghold itself. And the hooks as we have them don't give many options to place obstructions in the way of getting to that built-in floor-to-score ramp.

Captain's Quarters
Because of the gap between the hooks in front of the central wall, we can't put decorations right in the middle of that wall (a frustration for us who like symmetry). I would like an additional medium hook to be placed in the middle and the existing hooks to move away to either side (which would have the added benefit of letting us put decs in the previously barren corners). Alternatively, just apply the layouts from the port or starboard quarters, which don't have the gap between hooks in front of their centre walls.
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07.06.2018 , 10:35 PM | #27
Quick takeaway: I'll probably buy the stronghold when 5.9.2 comes out. For me, I suspect I would spend the majority of my time in the carrier, as that has the cozier, small rooms, than I would elsewhere in the stronghold.

Definitely some good things here.

1. I absolutely 100% disagree with everyone on this thread who's pining away about not having an antiseptic, sterile, totally clean, dust-free stronghold. Without Odessen being a decoratable stronghold, THANK GOD we finally have something here with the Rishi stronghold offering a "slummy" motif and one that fits with the Rishi run-down pirate cove motif. BRAVO on that. For everyone who was looking for Rishi to be a summer home on Key Largo, complete with liquor drinks available in coconut shells and being able to sun themselves on chaise lounges on the sand, well, maybe next time. This is Rishi, not Key Largo, and the decor and the motif fit the planet.

2. I like its expansiveness and attention to detail. Stuff everywhere. Very nice. It's obvious you spent a ton of time on it.

3. I'm glad none of the deco hooks (unlike Manaan!) have been placed directly in the middle of a place where one would naturally walk. You have them off to the side of traffic areas (like on walkways) which is fine.

4. The locking gates things make sense (despite being able to lock ourselves in place if we're standing where the gate appears when we activate it). I imagine that's to keep people when I want people out and not just a functionality of the PVP area for a PVP reason. Right...?

Things I don't like about it.

1. I realize you get it back as soon as you leave the PVP area, but I want a way to enter the stronghold without losing my companion. Yes, you can use the buttons behind you when you first zone in (once unlocked), but until then, you're walking. Is there a way that there can be sort of a fork in the road when you enter the stronghold which gives you a choice to either enter the PVP area (which I will forever completely ignore) or be able to enter the hideout area, rather than having to lose your comp every time you enter the stronghold because we're forced to traipse through the PVP part?

2. Lots of doors that don't apparently go anywhere, they're just surface geometry. But but but I wanna go in there! I understand in the pvp area the doors are just there for show, but why continue that on in the hideout portion of the stronghold?

3. I do emphatically agree with people in this thread that the hook layout is sparse on the outer environment. There are some to be sure, but I'm looking at large swathes of geometry around the buildings without a decorating hook in sight. Huge stretches where we can't hook a deco.

4. I got disconnected twice from the Internet, and my router log had something in it called track 22 automated.te. I blocked that and I'm fine for the moment. Testing adjunct to the PTS?

5. I see what people mean about out-of-reach walkways. If I can see it, I want to get to it.

6. Bit annoyed that there were no fast travel points. Eventually got hold of the swoops when I expanded more areas.

7. I jumped into the stream and didn't realize that was the end of the zone and died. I'll go back to see what clues I missed that I at that point.

8. Color me stupid, but I only found 3 doors after 15 minutes. I eventually found the carrier controls only because I clicked on it thinking what is this? Hm...

9... having found the rest of the stronghold, I'm glad there's cozier places than what's offered in the entry area (sun room, etc).

10. Kind of wish there were windows in the quarters (port quarters, starboard quarters, captain quarters). At least there's one on the far end of the carrier bridge.

11. One would think the captain's quarters would be larger than the others but eh.

12. I have to believe where the green spinning thing is on top of a tower is an area where I can get to, right? I have 10 out of 11 doors unlocked at this point and I guess that would be it. There also seems to be a walkway across the water from where the cove expansion swoop is located that I imagine is for decoration, or is that another area that I just haven't figured out how to get to? I guess what that area is (I die when I try to go there) is supposed to suggest that's the rest of Rishi rather than the rest of the stronghold and we're sort of nestled in among the buildings.

EDIT: Found hook 11, top of the carrier, which kills comment #12. Disappointed there were so many areas that are inaccessible but I understand ambiance.
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07.06.2018 , 11:45 PM | #28
Quote: Originally Posted by MandFlurry View Post
You don't get my message, and it was directed at Eric. I have re-launched PTS more than a few times, and prices are still the same, etc etc. The price is still 2.5 mill and 50 CCoins.
don't be rude, just trying to help. and he's already answered your issue in this thread

Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post
There is a bug where it may require you to have the proper amount to purchase it, but it won't actually deduct the funds. Sometimes relaunching PTS will fix it.


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07.07.2018 , 12:55 AM | #29
Overall so far its 100% amazing. dont get the lack of ooo and awe in this post make it feel negative.

Staging Area room unlock, Wasted opportunity to have a ceiling hook on the center light above the room.
Hillside/Sun room. Missed opprotunity to put decos here in the very long pathway to the room. I assume this is because the pathway is slanted.

For the sake of testing, I think the new Prefab 4 droid should sell everything for free. The walls, the arena etc to test them without making the matts. speeds up the process.

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07.07.2018 , 01:16 AM | #30
Overall I am really disappointed. I know that Rishi has a scrappy, pirate-town feel and I wasn't expecting a Bahamas getaway, but there were some nicer buildings in Rishi, like the ones that you visit during your little class mission and the cantina. Couldn't those models have been used?

I feel like the stronghold was designed with *only* PvP in mind and no thought that someone might want to make a home for characters there. I will not be buying it.

Specific suggestions:

You have to walk through the PvP area to get anywhere else in the SH. Even if you are not going to PvP your companion goes away and you get a red message on the screen that it is a PvP area.

PvP gives me anxiety. it is upsetting ro even think about being in a PvP zone for me. Yes, it's my own issue but it's a thing. I don't want to be told I'm walking into a PvP area every single time I enter a stronghold and I don't want to have to walk through that area to get to other places. I'd want an option to disable all PvP features entirely so I don't lose companions and don't see that red message.

1. Hooks in the buildings for lighting fixtures
2. More wall hooks
3. Wall and floor hooks in the hallways to cover up the grease and dirt
4. Enough flooring hooks in the buildings to cover the dirt
5. An option to remove or hide at least some of the junk. None of my characters want to live in a junkyard with burned-out husks of equipment everywhere. There are a few areas that might make decent gardens if not for the garbage everywhere.
6. Ceilings in all the buildings.

I like the beach area and the adorable little turtle! I wish more of the SH looked like this area.

I like the ship a lot more than the ground areas. It's not as nice aesthetics-wise as Imperial ships, but it will do.

1. A a quick travel point here. I'm really never going to use the gross junkyard, so I'd love to be able to port to the ship.
2. I really like the training area. I don't want PvP but it's nice to have a little place to practice abilities.
3. It would be nice to have wall hooks in the quarters.
4. More solid floors and less of those grates.
5. An option to get rid of the piles of garbage on the sky bridge.