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Feedback: Rishi Stronghold

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07.06.2018 , 04:29 PM | #11
I would like to propose the question as to if it's possible to extend the healing dummy to your ship for a cost. I think it's awesome that we have dummies available in the stronghold, but I think it would be cool if the dummy is not exclusive to the stronghold.

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07.06.2018 , 04:39 PM | #12
While I like all the effort put in and it does look pretty cool, it personally does not really appeal to me. I also don't really have people to do what the main function for the SH is intended for. That said, you can't be pleased all the time, which is fine. I'm sitll hoping for the traditional SH, like Zakuul! And if you ever feel like you want to put in a beach like SH, Rakata Prime is perfect for that. It reminds me a lot of Virmire.

Thanks for the effort put in though, a lot of people on the stream so far seemed happy with all that you did, which makes me happy, even if it isn't for me.
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07.06.2018 , 04:51 PM | #13
I appreciate the efforts you guys put forth, but the stronghold is a huge disappointment for me. I had hoped we would get more of a resort like atmosphere with a decent stretch of beach and a nice building we could decorate nicely, and instead we get something that looks like slums. The ramps and decks are useless to me, I see no good way of decorating these things, and the pvp area is lost on me. It's just me, only I will be in the house, maybe a couple of invited guests at max.

I was dreaming of a nice island resort and you gave us slums with a rinky dink beach. It would've been far nicer if you had put a home in the part of Rishi where the bird people live, where there are nice waterfalls and bodies of water and stone areas.

I'm sorry but I just don't care for the glum, shanty, slum you've provided. I don't want to live in poverty in my video game world, thanks. Why can't you guys ever make something nice and tasteful? Manaan was nice, but the hook layout abysmal. It would be nice to have a very large home, with many hooks and well placed at that. I really don't know what I'm going to do with a dark ship, a dark shanty town with ramps and platforms and a cave.

Why can't we just have a really nice large house in a really scenic location? I don't want to live in a dump, thanks.
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07.06.2018 , 04:52 PM | #14
Ok so this stronghold is amazing don't get me wrong. I love what you are doing with this and how this can evolve into something setting SWTOR even more apart from other games with PvP.

So about hook layouts:

I feel the customization options are pretty lackluster. Yes you added a new kind of hook to set up your own huttball arenas but it is still YOUR design and we as players still have to wait for you guys to design the stuff, put it in game and play with it.

What if the whole large PvP arena was just covered with hooks where you could place platforms on that you can adjust in all axises (x,y,z) so you could make any design you want instead of predesigned decorations? Cause how it feels now is you design some stuff, and then we can place some random deco's around it. How I imagined it it would be like playing with LEGO's. Piece some stuff together out of basic building blocks so you can build anything you can imagine. (i can imagine that can be really hard to implement but still that would be the apex of pvp strongholdstuff)

The "Large/Medium" layout has too much gaps between deco's. You put new walls in the game but those walls can't even link up to create effective chokepoints or funnels or whatever people want to do to make their own layouts.

Same goes for the "Star Ships" layout. Those hooks are nice and stuff but you can't split them up into smaller hooks to create any meaningful areas. You can only place 4 starship hook things in the corners and that's it.

Maybe I am overthinking this too much as a way to create elaborate maps and stuff and iam being too negative but im not negative i just want to help you guys make stuff better!

Still I love the direction where you are going and I hope you will keep improving this as this is the good stuff!

I am a bit drunk so for the TLDR of this story:

More hooks in large pvp area for more customisation to make people actually be able to build stuff themselves instead of prefabricated stuff by you guys!

Oh and where are the fire/acid traps?

Oh and make the stairs to the lines removable. (that falls in the category of more customisation i guesss)

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07.06.2018 , 04:55 PM | #15
Feedback regarding the Stronghold aesthetics;

Devs, I quite appreciate all the effort and thought you've all put into this Stronghold, let me say that much first and some of the new features such as the new hook layout option on the skydeck are great. However, the overall look of this Stronghold is not what I had personally hoped for. I don't know if this is the feedback you're looking for as it does not pertain to the actual PvP function or the Stronghold's main purpose but I want to share my views regardless.

I love Rishi, it is one of my favorite places (along with Rakata Prime and Yavin for instance, notice the theme?), but you've somehow managed to select my least favorite area on the planet for this Stronghold. When the SH announcement came, I'd hoped for a tropical area akin to the last island we visit during SoH from which Battle for Rishi launches. Open areas, many deep and shallow waters, rocky outcrops, palms, waterfalls, a white sandy shoreline with tropical blue water. Maybe a wrecked star/pirate ship in the distance. Some of the Rishi hutts etc.

That's not what I found. Again, I appreciate all the work you guys did and I understand this theme/layout might benefit the purpose of PvP more but I am not into the grunge/slum/industrial sort of theme you have going on here. Perhaps living and creating a home wasn't kept in mind as much as the PvP function when choosing this specific area of Rishi but to me, it would be like making a home out of a junkyard and I'm just not into it.

So, while I hope this Stronghold is succesful and appeases many other players, I'd also like to voice my wishes to see a more tropical and cleaner/natural Stronghold area in the future. Perhaps on Rakata Prime along the coast.

Thank you.
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07.06.2018 , 05:55 PM | #16
So, while the SH is a little more industrial than I would have liked, it does actually fit with Rishi in the game. The sand is black, so that is fitting with the game. Yes, it was dark, but most of the strongholds are dark to begin with. I watched the livestream and saw a blank canvas with a lot of potential for me to customize it and make it the paradise I want it to be. I could be wrong, but once I finish downloading the pts I will start exploring and testing it. I'll take pics and hopefully offer some ideas and feedback that will be helpful to the devs and give people ideas on how to make it something they really like.

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07.06.2018 , 06:10 PM | #17
All in all, I am rather disappointed with the stronghold. It feels low-effort like the Umbara stronghold - I will probably purchase it when it comes out, but then never go back to decorate it.

First issue, it's near the end of the stronghold list (Nar Shaddaa is still last). Why are we still not able to sort the list of strongholds? No one wants to click five times just to get to their stronghold; it should be on the first page if we want to make it our main stronghold.


The stronghold feels way too large for decorating. In a Coruscant or Nar Shaddaa stronghold, you have narrow corridors but still plenty of space to place hooks on the floor, wall and ceiling.
In the Rishi stronghold, you have large areas with only a very small space to place hooks. For example, here at the end of the stronghold ( The worn out room with the terminal looks great, but you can't decorate it. Sure, you have a couple large hooks but you can place nothing in-between. Then you have just two medium wall hooks on a giant wall that could easily fit many large hooks.

Inside the ship (, you have huge corridors but you can only decorate the sides with small and medium hooks, no large hooks. And there's no wall hooks!

A good decorating stronghold would be way smaller. Like only 3-5 areas like that first screenshot, but with many more hooks, both large and small/medium so you have freedom how to decorate. Instead, you are forced to decorate in 2-3 spaces, and everything else will look identical in all player's strongholds.
It feels like you just took a part of the Ravagers operation and placed some hooks inside. While I understand why you do that, you can't expect to get a good stronghold out of it. Great strongholds, like on Coruscant or Nar Shaddaa, were custom-built and are of the correct size. The Rishi stronghold is way too large to decorate it.

Finally, you tease us with those rope bridges high up (, yet we cannot go there. Players will find a way up there anyway, with some clever knocks and pulls, so no need to restrict access. Just add a small elevator (like the classic elevators, a small platform that goes up and down) so we can actually get up there.

PvP features

It's nice to have a PvP-focused stronghold, and I'm sure we will have some guild events there, but it is lacking a lot of functionality to really be worthwhile.

For example, the large PVP area is just a giant space of emptiness. I can't test the arena decoration that was shown on stream (it mentioned it's from a vendor, but no vendor on fleet had it). But I don't think that this decoration would help.
The real huttball arenas have fire traps, poison pits, air vents that throw you into the air, and grappling hooks. We can't do that with the arena decoration since the hooks are only on the ground and not on the walkways. And most likely, the arena decoration has the same bug like other decorations where you can't use the smuggler/agent roll on it, which means it will be useless for any more serious competitions.

A better solution would be to put in the arena decoration by default. There's no need to allow some players to place a spaceship in there; they have enough room elsewhere for decorating. This area should be focused for huttball.
If you put in that arena so it is static ground (and not just a decoration), agents/smugglers will be able to roll there, and more importantly, you could add more small hooks where players can place decorations onto the walkways, like walls or traps etc. This will give players way more freedom, instead of having them stuck with one type of decoration.
And don't even think of putting alternate arena-hook decorations on the Cartel Market. There are better ways to monetize the game. Players need more freedom to decorate; they shouldn't be stuck with the arenas you want to give them. Just give us a basic walkway layout, and then add tons of hooks to put objects onto the walkways.
Maybe, you could add decorations so we can place short bridges to connect walkways and change the layout a bit. But most of the walkways must be solid ground, not a decoration, or else smugglers/agents cannot use it.

We also discovered plenty of bugs with the Huttball mode that I will report in the bug reports forum. Some stuff I am not sure if it is a bug or intended, so I'll mention it here:
You can mount and use rocket boots inside the PvP arenas. This seems like a major oversight, especially since you are automatically dismounted whenever you enter the PvP area, yet can immediately mount again. Just disable mounts in the whole arena.

Selecting a side (rotworm/frogdog) doesn't make you allies, you need to be in a group for that. It would be way better if this worked without being in a group. For example, you can have an Imperial and Republic player in the same team, and they can pass the Huttball to each other, but they can still attack each other since they cannot group up.

Neutral players (those that did not pick a team) can still stand inside the arena as an observer, and they cannot pick up the huttball, but they can receive the huttball. Please ensure that neutral players can never receive the huttball, and also that are invulnerable / they cannot be attacked. That way, you can have true observers that can stand inside the arena without impacting the gameplay.

With some clever trickery, it is possible to get the Huttball out of the arena, so you can take it pretty much anywhere inside the stronghold. This is a nice feature, and I hope you don't fix it.

Also, the Huttball is not removed when the match ends. That way, you can start a new match and end up with two or more huttballs at the same time. I assume this is not intended but it would be great if you can leave it like that. Having endless Huttballs would open up more possibilities for guild events. I'm thinking of a Hot Potato-type game where you have players in a circle, everyone with a Huttball and you pass the Huttballs around clock-wise or something.

We never could get the score above 3:0 or 3:1. I hope that is not intended, since the score should just go up to 99, especially since every death counts as 1 as well.

And finally, the Kick the Huttball item has no effect, you still throw the huttball normally with the buff active. I hope that this will be fixed.

Training area

As a healer, I'm not sure what to make of the training dummy. Healers never needed a dummy; if we want to test our healing, we can use our companion. You could use the dummy for parsing HPS, but HPS values never matter much for healing. So I'm not sure why I'd use the dummy.
For DPS, I'm sure the dummy is helpful, but why would you travel to the stronghold where you need to walk all the way to the dummy, if instead you can travel to your spaceship where your dummy ís only like 20 meters away?

Like I said, all in all I am disappointed. The stronghold is too large for decorating. A good stronghold needs to be designed from scratch, not copied from some existing world, or the proportions and layout will never be right for decorating.
The PvP area is interesting, but lacking too many features. Notably, the arena decoration should be present by default, with hooks on the walkways, and not needed to be placed manually.
Given that the Rishi stronghold has been one of the most requested strongholds, I fear players may be disappointed. They wanted a pirate haven, maybe a small hideout on an island (think Coruscant-size), not a giant stronghold like this, with a very limited way to decorate it.
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07.06.2018 , 07:42 PM | #18
Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post
There is a bug where it may require you to have the proper amount to purchase it, but it won't actually deduct the funds. Sometimes relaunching PTS will fix it.

Hey Eric, I can't really buy this new SH. I know it's only 500 CCoins but, it's still too much bro. I want to use them on the live srevers
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07.06.2018 , 07:42 PM | #19
Quote: Originally Posted by LadyAdmiral View Post
5. The "hidden treasure chest". Hah! We like it a lot. Question though, when it is "successful" and you see golden credit symbol coming out of the chest, are you supposed to received anything? or is it "just for fun"?
What do you mean by that? We couldn't find anything to click on the treasure chest, and seeker droid, macrobinoculars and /shovel had no effect. Did you find another treasure chest or did we miss something?

Edit: Found it, there's a second chest on the small island. You need to click on the Inconspicuous Marker.
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07.06.2018 , 07:46 PM | #20
This stronghold is absolutely enormous and I can't even find two of the expansions!

Some real quick observations:

Entering / Exiting Team PvP area dismounts you which is extremely annoying

Port Quarters:
Mounts are not allowed but they are allowed everywhere else

Taking the speeder from Hideout to Cove Expansion and your speeder flies right through a building.
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