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Help with Deception Priotiry/Rotation

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Help with Deception Priotiry/Rotation

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10.12.2017 , 07:25 PM | #1
Wondering if I can get some help on my priority/rotaion. I play HM/NiM content as a Lethality/IO Dps but am having issues with this discipline. I am averaging horrible DPS output 7.8 to 8.5k in 246/248 gear with my stats matching whats in Jaeks guide on Dulfy. I know lol thats bad, however I cannot seem to figure out what I am doing wrong any help would be greatly appreaciated. Here is a copy of my last dummy run. ( I am only using 1.5M parses as I am just trying to get my Priority/Rotation down). Thanks

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10.12.2017 , 11:03 PM | #2
at a superficial glance: i don't see force cloak in the log (do you force cloak rotationally to reset recklessness?) and your APM is a little low, on the dummy it should be at least 48. how much alacrity are you running?
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10.13.2017 , 01:09 AM | #3
Since I'm too lazy to type much, check Evolixe posts in this thread, should cover your questions: