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So when are we finally getting justice for Assasins?

STAR WARS: The Old Republic > English > Classes > Shadow / Assassin
So when are we finally getting justice for Assasins?

Tacemeo's Avatar

08.31.2017 , 12:49 PM | #11
Okay a Jugg has all the defensives in spec possible period!

You pretend to be a DPS face tank you are going to be so nerfed

I have 3 sin's 2 deception and had them before they were obnoxiously OP and FOTM

You can solo a HM RR so shut up crying for Justice and you can't PVE and PVP

Learn spec please I do fine as a tank or DPS

zhaiyan's Avatar

09.06.2017 , 11:37 PM | #12
I thought this would be another merc or sniper related period... But jugg

savagedialects's Avatar

09.22.2017 , 10:20 PM | #13
cc the jugg during their burst. you wont outlast them if you try to take them head on. gotta pussyfoot around until they are out of tricks. abuse cc
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