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Sad moments in SWTOR

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05.22.2016 , 11:05 PM | #131
There are a lot of sad moment in the game but the one in the Jedi Knight storyline had me almost in tears.


Besides that some of the SI and IA drak side choices make me sad, especially the ones where you have a person, or a bunch of people on your mercy and they start to play mind games with them or outright kill them one by's terrifying and sad. Very in character but holy cow
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05.23.2016 , 12:27 PM | #132
Ooh, now this is a good necro. I managed to miss this thread the first time around!

I agree that the scene with Darth Angral
was pretty powerful. But here is my list:

BH quest to capture the Eidalon:


Trooper chap 1:


BH party scene:


SI on Voss (the single most evil thing I have ever done in this game)


Agent Chap 1:


And in KOTFE:


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05.23.2016 , 02:17 PM | #133
Hum..not many I could think of...but..


well it is sad to don't judge
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05.23.2016 , 06:43 PM | #134
Quote: Originally Posted by Dan_Loto View Post
That whole fight was and still is emotionally moving.

Quote: Originally Posted by Pubsam View Post
In Trooper Act III

Call me a terribly military officer, but that's one of the reason I saved her on all but one of my troopers (the one was a RP toon and even then I hated myself afterward)

I've never been one of those moronic "for the greater good" saps who'll give his life for someone he doesn't even know. As far as I'm concerned anyone I don't know is an enemy waiting to be made...until/unless they prove otherwise.

Quote: Originally Posted by Termorn View Post
SW Ending Spoilers:

I just felt disgust mostly, and my SW felt only rage and a lust for vengeance. He takes betrayal very, very seriously and

It was sad in the sense that it showed Baras as a pathetic mind-game-player. Which, tbh was really disappointing because when I started SW, right up until the end of chapter 2 he was my absolute favorite master. He had a level of charisma that defied his portly appearance and both I and my character admired him greatly. He seemed to be a true master of the Sith code and the order's teachings and the best teacher my Warrior could ever ask for. Then he dishonored himself, and earned his own death sentence...


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01.15.2021 , 04:46 PM | #135
One that still to this day, many years and replays later, makes me tear up is Hunter's death. Someone else put it so well earlier in this thread... even though you've been enemies until those last few moments, it still feels like losing the other half of your soul when he dies. It's even worse for my main Agent because she was loyal to the Empire and gave the Black Codex to Jadus. It felt like betraying Hunter after what he had just said to her ("you're the last one like us left... don't ever let them stop you"). It's honestly not only one of the saddest moments of the game for me but also the hardest choice I've probably ever had to make in SWTOR. In the end my Agent stayed loyal, but at what cost...

One of the saddest moments for me was playing through the final chapter of KOTET for the first time. My main is a Sith Warrior who believed in and was loyal to the Sith Emperor. To be betrayed again and being forced to kill him was great from storytelling pov, but terrible for my character and me. He had started out as LS, honorable and loyal Warrior - but every betrayal - first from Baras, then from Vitiate and now again Valkorion - pushed him further from whom he had been to this cold, emotionless monster who kills anyone who gets in his way. It's a great tragic story which is why I love my Warrior so much. I was honestly sad when Valkorion died because he's such a great character.

Another sad moment is Senya's death... she didn't deserve it, but she had to protect her son. I understand. Her death scene is so well made - from her and Valkorion having one last moment together to the Outlander talking to her for one last time. It's so different depending on what kind of character you are playing. Which is exactly what makes this game great.
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01.17.2021 , 04:09 AM | #136
I would definitely agree that the killing Senya saddest moment in SWTOR. I played DS Sith Warrior through KOTFE and KOTET and her death was so heartbreaking. All she wanted was to save her son, like a good parent. The dialogue made me so sad, especially when she said, "You are truly the daughter Valkorian has always wanted" to my Sith.
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