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Help w/ Target Rich Environments

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Help w/ Target Rich Environments

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02.04.2020 , 09:26 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by prettynerdygirl View Post
8 years later...

Travel to the Lower Prison Magma Transport. Exit out to The Tomb and take the East exit (if you're looking at the map). Take this dotted line of a side road to the main road and head south. take it to the second fork in the road and head north east toward the wall and go under the arch way. Take that side road through the baddies and then trek westward to get Noumeian.

I spent WAY too long on this stupid mission to not post this, if at least for my future reference. Good luck everyone. This is not straight forward, at least not as of posting this. Do not bother with taking the ancient speeder to Deep Launchpoint Transport. Every way there is blocked, despite the fact that the map makes it look like this is the way. It is not the way. Someone needs to fix this.
Literally the only post i found that was helpful for this. thank you so much! may you recieve many many credits in your future good madame