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Really? Still Broken After 5+ Years? *********** Really?

STAR WARS: The Old Republic > English > Flashpoints, Operations, and Heroic Missions
Really? Still Broken After 5+ Years? *********** Really?

midianlord's Avatar

11.03.2019 , 09:44 PM | #1
Yeah, the title --to whit:

One of the early Heroic missions you can get on Makeb (Imp. side), namely [HEROIC 2+] The Observer:

Still broken, still in the same place/way --IE, you loot the access card for the shuttle to take you up to the ship to complete the mission, except...It still won't work:

Just like the good old days, you still click, still get that annoying double-beep with the "ACCESS DENIED" error message on your screen, further progress impossible.

Have these people ever even acknowledged this, or did they just let this well-known bug become a feature in order to pad time just that little bit more for the 4.xx/most of 5.xx trash?

Pathetic, and all too pathetically typical. Honestly, I don't know why I'm still surprised, even after 3 years away.

Fix this? Like, ever?

Or even just acknowledge it?


Reset the mission and tried again --after AFKing a bit, I clicked it one last time before hitting Q/T out, and it finally worked.

I'm not sure if just waiting, or first resetting --> then go again --> wait at the shuttle at least a few minutes --> click did it, or if re-setting first isn't necessary before a new attempt (more time-padding in the latter case, though, and we all know how BW loves that, don't we.), but this appears to be a work-around.

Try just waiting about 5-ish minutes first.

No seriously, just fix this. Crap like this is a non-trivial part of what helped cost you most of your community, and led to F2P in the first place.

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11.12.2019 , 12:17 PM | #2
F2P was a money decision and not a reason to keep people playing.
To keep people playing they would have fixed it.
To keep people filling their coffers they went F2p and stopped fixing the game glitches as they fired those responsible.

They made 1 billion dollars just doing that. Plus most don't know there are 5 heroics on Makeb.

I would love if they fixed everything that is broke. I dropped a lot of content because it is broken. Planetary quest lines not finishable. Kotet being way too grindy and broken in places where the focus should only be on the story and not the fights being a super challenge. Not getting past Arcann as you have to be shielded the whole time really killed the fight on melee not so bad as ranged. Vaylin knocking you off Odessen fight. Things like getting stuck on a chair should not happen.

They did fix one thing in the fight false emperor the two droids. The shielding droid actually stopped casting when the first droid died. Was a first for it to not continue casting for years.

I doubt they will fix even the new broken things. First chapter of Kotet with droid. or other newly broken quest lines.
They moved everyone on to other projects that needed to be half finished.

What should be done is that they fire the yes men that release half finished products. or say that they can do this with this many people when they need twice as many or taking on way more than they should.

This is what killed the auto industry and we let them. The right thing that should have happened is everyone with a lemon should have sued the dealer, salesman, and the manufacturer for a defective product. How would the industry have been had people the option to return their cars for full purchase price?

It is the same for this game as long as they try to appease the greedy stock holders the more they will release games that are just okay enough to make money.
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11.12.2019 , 02:06 PM | #3
Meh, I doubt anyone cares but you, OP. Who even goes to Makeb? So I imagine this is ultra-low priority for the dev team.
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11.19.2019 , 12:13 AM | #4
Well, obviously I did go there recently --and was duly reminded even before this why I'd previously stopped doing that in quick order.

There are bugs in this game that have existed since Beta --But just because everyone's resigned to them doesn't make having to work around them --still-- or BW's pathetic incompetence and shoddiness any less grating.

christian_bmx's Avatar

11.26.2019 , 07:10 AM | #5
There is a saying that says "if it's not broken don't fix it".
Bugioware has its own: "if it is broken dont fix it, it can break something else"

Dont forget the bugs in "the false emperor", the underlurker in Temple of sacrifice and many other bugs that they will never fix