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Do I really have to solo Objective Meridian?

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11.04.2019 , 02:53 PM | #11
By the time you hit this point in the story, you should have a near to full (full?) set of 268 gear from Onslaught quest rewards, so you'll be heading into this with the same gear rating as everyone else at that point; provided you actually equipped the gear.
I've run this three times now, Defense JK, Darkness SI, and Carnage SW. So two tanks there. For all three, I cake walked through the FP. Wasn't even a contest. Also, was using the new comps, so they were all level 1. I do have legendary status, all datacrons, etc. Not sure how much that fed into it; but struggling to understand why you had such a hard time. Not attempting to invalidate your experience, it just doesn't align with mine...
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11.05.2019 , 04:29 AM | #12
I playd it on tank character with DPS companion, was really fast and ok, never noticed any slowbacks. I always play solo flashpoints with DPS companions.

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11.05.2019 , 03:03 PM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by nyrkverse View Post
do you have your comp on dps? comp will kill everything for you. use vette, she does the best damage out of the sith warrior companions or whoever has the highest influence. just keep the worst off them which shouldn't be hard as you're a tank
How can you chose Vette as companion. They do not give me a choice to chaose any of my companions, I have to use the stupid major they assigned to me!!!!

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11.05.2019 , 07:28 PM | #14
Followup: I almost skipped this, but I think you guys deserve a laugh at my expense.

Did any of you happen to notice those canisters of Onslaught starter gear look EXACTLY like a Universal Prefab Mark 1? Because I didn't, until earlier today. I remembered chucking some Prefabs in my legacy storage, and, what do you know, along with them are several of those gear canisters with all of my 268 gear.

It gets worse. I guess there was a Utility Reset on Warriors? I was confused why all of my mobility and utility was broken until i discovered all of my choices had been cleared. I know it worked when I finished Ossus, but as of today, they were all reset.

So basically I bricked my way to 75 in 232 greens and no utilities, none the wiser until I hit this solo instance. As you might expect, I had a much easier time of it with 268 gear and all of my utils.

That being said, it was still tedious compared to my sorc. And it still makes no sense to me that I can't complete this part of the story by doing the ACTUAL instance with friends as opposed to being forced into a role my character isn't really designed for.

Just not RAGEQUIT tedious like before...

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11.06.2019 , 03:10 AM | #15
Quote: Originally Posted by Protoaloe View Post
How can you chose Vette as companion. They do not give me a choice to chaose any of my companions, I have to use the stupid major they assigned to me!!!!
you're right, I forgot solo locks you to Anri. You can still feed her some gifts to bring up her influence a bit if you don't find her effective.
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11.08.2019 , 11:01 PM | #16
can have a healer companion and should work wonders. had theron in rank 22 and i rarely had less than 60% hp