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Trading abilities

King_Rico's Avatar

07.18.2018 , 11:46 AM | #1
Bioware/ EA or whoever may read this. I think there should be a trade of abilities. I think the pyrotech should get firestorm from the tank spec. In return, the tank would get torch from pyro. I understand pyro has searing wave, but firestorm makes more sense. It looks cooler for one and it gives pyro another brust ability. If you do that, get rid of searing wave and bring back flame thrower, but make it channel a little faster than before. That would be GREAT! thank you.

AdjeYo's Avatar

07.18.2018 , 04:35 PM | #2
You want to move a dot away from Pyro (lowering its dps) to give a replacement for searing wave? Seems like a pretty good way to completely guy pyro dps and give tanks a dot they don't need.

King_Rico's Avatar

07.19.2018 , 09:04 AM | #3
Yes and no. Replace searing wave with flame thrower (dot) and use firestorm as a burst but spread your incendiary missile

TalonVII's Avatar

07.20.2018 , 04:15 PM | #4
Swaps and changes. Here's my ideas.
1. Don't do the OPs
2. Swap Gut from AP and replace with what I would call AP shot. Does the same damage and bleed as gut, but givea it a 10 meter range. Use most the same animation as shatter slug.
2a. Slide gut over to shield tech as the lvl 10 ability and slide oil slick down to replace translocate and completely s*** can Translocate. Also make gut generate a low amount of threat that stacks.
3. Make fusion missile a BH ability instead of a Merc ability so it's shared between MERC and PT.
4. Get rid of the optimus prime missile barrage crap for a massive incendiary attack instead.
5. Allow oil slick to be ignighted for an AOE attack on top of it's accuracy debuff. Or reduce the cool down to 30-45 seconds.
6. Allow pressure overrides to be a permanent range increase for out to 15 meters.

Those would be the swaps I would make.
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