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Rishi Stronghold, How to put the Huttball structure ?

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Rishi Stronghold, How to put the Huttball structure ?

Kenghis's Avatar

04.25.2019 , 03:46 PM | #1
Hello everyone,

I just bought Rishi Hideout and I went to the skyDeck area where the 8v8 pvp matches can happen.
I saw many videos showing the decoration that you can put to make it look like a real huttball field.
Like a big Giant staircase on the field and have an actual huttball game with your friend.

My problem is, I would like to know where you can buy this staircase to put on the field, because when I click on the arena decoration I have none. I looked up online where to buy it, the only thing I found is the custome huttball pit (where the ball stand) and it cost 2M100 credits at a vendor near the guild vendors.

Does anyone knows where to buy the Huttball field to put in on the arena ?
Also, Do I also need to buy the Huttball pit on top of the structure to be able to play with my friend ?

Thank you very much for your help and answers

Have fun In game.


Najáx (Empire) / Najäx (République)

ceryxp's Avatar

04.25.2019 , 10:02 PM | #2
On the fleet in the stronghold area is a new droid merchant, standing with the other droid deco merchants, called Martial Decoration Droid (maybe Martial Fabrication Droid). It sells the training arena deco. You'll need some (6 IIRC) universal prefab mk-4's to buy it.
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04.27.2019 , 01:18 PM | #3
Awesome, Thank you very much
Najáx (Empire) / Najäx (République)