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Good BH Decor?

Bookworm_Jedi's Avatar

03.31.2019 , 09:22 AM | #1
Finally got around to tinkering with my BH, and was looking for the ideas for a BH SH. I got the blaster stands, tool shelvews, junk laying around so far.

Trophies? IDK

Mongorr's Avatar

04.01.2019 , 02:22 PM | #2
There's a ton of mandalorian stuff. Also all the weapon and armor stands.
You can check out the groups "Bounty Hunters" and "Mandalorians" on TOR Decorating for a start:

Or just take a look at the Tatooine stronghold link in my sig. It's my Bounty Hunter/Smuggler/Hutt-themed stronghold. Maybe you get a few ideas from that.
My "Zakuuluscant" stronghold:
Home is where the Hutt is: