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Good swtor fanfictions?

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11.01.2018 , 11:39 PM | #1
I found a few swtor fanfictions on but they are not really separated from the rest of SW content so I was mostly looking stuff up by names which is not ideal. I also know that Ao3 (archive of our own) has substantial amount of fanfictions but it has always been my second choice on where to look so I havent really researched anything there.

That being said, could you, great people of swtor community, give me some good recommendations? Ideally story that has been finished or is nearly there, I simply hate reading a good story that just ends when the writer loses interest, but if it is still worth reading or ends somewhat wrapped up I am happy to give it a go regardless.

Also if possible something JK/Kira Carsen related, or SW/Vette/Jaesa related, as JK and SW stories have always been the most ineteresting to me (Agent too, but that one is imo very well rounded and finished) especially considering that Jaesa and Kira are still both missing form the game, so fanfictions are the only place where I can get my fix
Generally any adventure/romance thing is good enough, nothing too hardcore and bloody. I hope thats not too many specifications If yea, than just throw whatever you really enjoyed at me

Thanks bunches for any and all recommendations.

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11.09.2018 , 06:41 AM | #2
You need to check out irreparable damage here in our own fan fic forums.. the story gets better each chapter and the authors skill has grown leaps and bounds over time. She updates approx 2 times a week and it is lovley
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