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Telekinetic Effusion passive is a bit bugged/inconsistent?

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Telekinetic Effusion passive is a bit bugged/inconsistent?

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02.15.2018 , 06:14 PM | #1
I haven't paid any attention to this before, just randomly noticed today.

Just a reminder: Telekinetic Effusion is the lvl20 passive that is responsible for our easy force management. It says that only "direct" attacks give these stacks and that only "non-channeled" abilities use the stacks.

Well, I just tested it and the first tick of Forcequake consumes the stack of Telekinetic Effusion, even though it's a "channeled" ability (without reducing the cost of the whole channel) and the second or third tick grants it if it crits! Even though it's not a direct attack. Funnily enough, the fact that you can get the stacks back from 2nd and third tick, makes it so it doesn't affect your force management much.

So overall, nothing huge, just a little inconsistency that annoys me a bit. According to the wording of the passive, Forcequake shouldn't be affecting these stacks at all.
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02.17.2018 , 09:59 AM | #2
I think it's consistent for it to grant the effect, as I think direct damage just means not a dot in this case, it doesn't make any sense for it to consume it though, but well, Bioware