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Class Changes Feedback: Madness Sorcerer / Balance Sage Underperforms [5.3Buff]

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Class Changes Feedback: Madness Sorcerer / Balance Sage Underperforms [5.3Buff]

XReaperVX's Avatar

01.16.2018 , 12:25 AM | #61
I feel a bit that Sith Sorcerers in general need a buff. The damage is weak and it doesn't have the feel to it that it needs.
Madness and lightning just feel underrated, feels like a sith sorcerers is more useful as healers then anything at its current moment.

VongCommanderJah's Avatar

01.16.2018 , 07:02 AM | #62
I'm not a huge pve player so can't tell for sure, but in pvp at least ... Jesus sorc / sage succ hard. Take Light / TeleK spec for instance, it's a ranged burst and compared to and arsenal merc you just tickle your opponents.

Let's face it the thread about class dps balance is retarded. Like the burst classes don't burst their target for 10 min long, there are some cooldowns down there. They're better for trash maybe but for boss fights after the first 40s all classes / specs are on the same page.

And this is only the offensive aspect, because let's face it, sorc / sage defensive abilities are trash
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02.07.2018 , 12:22 AM | #63
And devs are still ignoring us. Thank you. Good bye