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Dark Side

RichWil's Avatar

01.28.2018 , 06:12 PM | #1

I will start by saying I have recently come back after a very long absence, and am only just now into KOTFE content.

I recently completed the chapter in KOTFE where me (Darth Nox) was forced to team up with HAVOC Squad, and we swarmed into an encampment of refuges/exiles to rescue them, and it was just the latest example of how frustrating the light/dark side choices always are.

The truly successful dark side NPCs are effectively psychopaths; they are detached, see the long play, sacrifice short term gains for long term value, etc. But every The Old Republic game forced players who want to earn dark side points to play as sociopaths; we never get the chance to spare civilians without earning light side points, so to become dark we must kill them, always.

I want the option to spare these people in order to subjugate them, inflict long term misery on them, set them up to serve as an obstacle for my enemies to have to get through, force them into indentured servitude, make them pay tribute, etc. Very little is gained by simply murdering lessers, and nobody really builds an effective power structure that way. There needs to be options to earn dark side points by sparing people of their immediate dangers only to set them up to squeeze them dry of all they hold dear over generations of misery. That's how a true dark lord of the Sith would operate. Hell, our class campaign was all about establishing a power base, we should be encouraged to enslave entire cultures!

This HAVOK Squad chain was just the latest example of this, but as we all know, that is far from the only time a choice like this is asked of players. Every single time I lament the missed opportunity for greater, long term suffering.