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Alacrity and critical on sentinel gear

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Alacrity and critical on sentinel gear

varietasplus's Avatar

05.26.2013 , 08:11 PM | #1
I appreciate a PVE sentinel may choose from Challanger or Weaponmaster set, but please let us have the option to choose power/surge or power/accuracy for every gear slot, because I find alacrity and critical rating totally useless at the current diminishing return rate.

Please let me know and explain if any Watchmen or Focus speced pro sentinel finds alacrity useful.
Also, please confirm if you agree that even after patch 2.0 you find critical important for Watchmen considering the lower base of surge, the worse diminishing returns for crit and the new set bonuses of the gear.

I would like to ask to remove the accuracy penalty of the offhand saber as well since it messes up combat logs, we can not tell how much of the miss percentage is resulted by the main or offhand. If you want to balance classes in terms of DPS, the damage reduction is an available and more elegant option.