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Light vs. Dark Event and GSF

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07.06.2016 , 12:38 PM | #21
I'm definitely one of those people that tried GSF when it first came out for a match or two and never went back again. Not until this event, anyway! A few guildies and I queued up last night at least 10 times in a row for the achievement and we kept queuing after we got it. We suck, granted, and barely got kills (but did manage assists lol, some people having amazing shields and I felt like I was hitting them with water guns) and I personally want to continue the effort and try and fix my ship and hopefully improve. If nothing else, this event will get people to try it that probably wouldn't have before. It's sad to hear about trolls invading GSF that guy that kept self-destructing on purpose. It's a waste of time if all he's going to do is give the other team points.

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07.06.2016 , 01:10 PM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by Mintas View Post
You can give a new player all the ships they want, it will not make a difference. You have to play in order to get good. I played 5 matches on a new toon for this event in a stock ship and topped the boards in 4 out of matches. Being competitive has very little to do with ships.
Good we agree. Just give out a fully geared ship or the equivalent coms to purchase 1 ship that is geared. That way I have a reasonable chance of not being farmed in the matches that feature clearly geared teams using voice coms and who have tons of matches played.

Zero kills and spawn camped isn't my idea of a good way to start players in your game.

Lets face it GSF is abandoned. Conceptually its a good idea, horribly implemented without resources to support it. Like any shooter just make everyone equal. This is a space shooter. Originally it was intended to operate like our pvp/pve. Its been abandoned. Just leave it the shooter. Give everyone geared out ship(s) and be done.

Knowing what a geared Gunship does vs. a Gunship with no upgrades is not fun and I am sure you do alright with a gunship. A stock fighter or stock Strike? Its like shooting spit balls.

No one is going to play to level in GSF. Those of us who bothered on alts? I am annoyed. Oh great ungeared gunship. ungeared scout I don't want and ungeared strike. Which junk ship do I want to die in for this week. I pray for the oh... no one else has a geared ship.

I'm sure we'd lose to the geared team. They play gsf. At least this would give those of us who have played as well a chance to help and maybe get a satellite and hold it so they cannot just farm the entire team.

Just putting it out their gsf moderator. You roll un geared in que on an alt. You should go against a geared team around 11pm eastern. Then rate your new player experience.

I'd give it a 1 out 5. Its too bad as GSF is ok once you have a descent ship. I wouldn't call it good or fun a lot of times, but its a space flight sim with star wars themes. As is with the gearing of ships?

Oh and I freely attempt to suiciding. I ask others to do it as well when I see the obvious guilded gsf players. I'd rather end the match fast in team death match then be farmed. Its like a lvl 10 in a lvl 65 wz. Ok. No shot. Just lose fast so we can get another match. Its better than trying to get a gsf queue to pop again.
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07.06.2016 , 03:52 PM | #23
Wait are you the same guy that posted this?

Quote: Originally Posted by PlagaNerezza View Post
No MMO needs a solo queue were you cannot group with friends and play together. I agree that the team composition needs to be better and pulling from multiple servers is a huge plus. Cross faction? Sure.

What I don't like is when a player blames the players for grouping. You are fundamentally supposed to form a group in an MMO. The entire game and genre is about questing and grouping with friends. It drives my absolutely crazy to read threads bashing the players for grouping and queuing.

If you want to play alone MMO's are not for you. They are almost certainly not going to be designed for you. The entire solo play group content is exceptionally terrible for an MMO company to push forward. Instead of fixing the grouping mechanics Bioware has introduced solo everything. Next up will be Solo operations.

Solo play is fine to an extent. No one wants to group to level. Its more fun, but come on. Don't be mad because you got beat by a group when you refuse to even try and group up. Its literally the worst commentary and feedback. I want to play alone against other players and win and cannot in an MMO? That is seriously your complaint? Tell me you've got more than that as an issue? I mean I want 100 million credits to go on a crazy GTN shopping spree. If we are granting dumb requests start with mine.

Quote: Originally Posted by PlagaNerezza View Post
Poor pvers. I had no idea that a pvp event made you rage quit the game. Maybe you can register with Bioware as a pve player, demonstrate how badly you perform at the game and get a skill called iwin. Which lets you instant kill anything. That way you won't ever die in the game and won't feel sad.

I mean who knew your soul was crushed instantly by dying in pvp. I was unaware of the sadness and loss you feel as you die to the two classes with no burst. I mean aren't you just free casting heals and dots with your Sorc's running around lol trolling? Oh that is right they kill you because you have no pvp gear. And you are in a pvp event in a designated pvp area. And during pvp you died. Oh how sad for you. Man I hope bioware figures out a way to really simplify pvp for you.

Maybe they can add some dumb boring PVE mechanics to kill you in the game. So that if we attack you to long we instant die because we didn't target swap. Something magically so you feel better about your elite useless pve skills. Oh sorry I didn't know I had to stand in exactly this spot. My bad my pvp skills be damned I take 1000% damage when attacking you from the rear. You have a butt shield. Lets me move over slightly to get off my maul. Should we tank swap at 5 stacks or 8 stacks? Who is clicking the buttons in the wrong puzzle order! Damn you steve. Its r5 l2, c3. Don't you have that committed to memory by now!!!! We all wiped trying to kill the pve player because of you! Ok roll on this piece of 204 pvp gear. Not you dork. You got something already.

Maybe we can do something like that in the pvp events so that you don't die as easily.


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07.06.2016 , 07:08 PM | #24
Quote: Originally Posted by RickDagles View Post
In addition to Siraka's great reply, I'm simply going to add what I wrote in the Are you for real thread:

Quote: Originally Posted by phalczen View Post
On my main republic pilot, I have played 698 battles with only 398 wins, and earned a total lifetime ship req of over 955 k and fleet req of over 114k. I have every ship mastered, but I earned my ship masteries over twenty months prior to this post. Now, I have no idea how many of my wins came in the 20 months since I've mastered every ship. But I can promise you that upgrades simply do not equate to instant winning.

Many others in this thread have posted helpful links to threads, guides, and videos outlining strategies for choosing the right ship components and spending requisition to improve your effectiveness.

But, with nearly seventy times the number of matches as yourself and mastered ships, I'm still barely over 50/50 win rate. That doesn't include the GSF played on my imperial main or any of my alts, but my win rate isn't any better.

Skill in this game trumps everything. It happens in the ground game too: someone who is a pro at keybinds, target switching, etc but 204 pvp gear will probably outperform someone of the same discipline who is in 208 gear but terrible at those things. You don't have a 4:1 loss ratio because you are in non-upgraded ships. You have a poor win:loss ratio because you have a tiny fraction of the number of games veterans have. Did you feel this way the first time you wiped on HM Nefra? Or when you lost 6-0 at Huttball? Or did you put on your grown up pants and try to do better next time?
The bolded sentences are particularly relevant in light of Siraka's links. Seems like the poster needs a little of his own medicine. Or, maybe he thinks we should all be given free 208-rating optimized geared Sorcs to pvp with?

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07.06.2016 , 09:18 PM | #25
This event is a double edged sword for GSF.

On the good side it has brought people in, making things look like they did when went it first launched.

Yet on the bad side matches have become a mess. A great deal of bad habits being taught or learned, going TDM when it's a DOM and when they do a DOM right it's all about 3 caps (defense is a 4 letter word to many), far more people doing the lagging and teleporting things. Oh and people aren't really talking anymore not even the big mouths.
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07.07.2016 , 11:57 AM | #26
Quote: Originally Posted by RickDagles View Post
Thanks for digging up that excellent advice. You took the time to read my stuff. Hope you got a good education.

You proved my point. PVP a system called expertise and bloster along with a leveling que to get those comm's you need to purchase 204 gear. Thus if you are a non-pvper and want to play you can easily enter a match on a level playing field. The other has a system that has a 100 match system to have a single geared ship against a pilot who has all the upgrades and no bolster mechanic to even attempt to make a match balanced. Hence apple != Orange.
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07.07.2016 , 12:13 PM | #27
By the way SRW is some of the worst farmers in GSF.

I'm sorry bioware abandoned GSF. They did and the experience of gearing ships is awful. The matching is terrible and the system rewards people like SRW who use lag generates to avoid gunships.

SRW will triple cap and will farm spawns. I don't mind playing you when I can hold a turret with a team and killing you trying to farm kills in gsf. However, when you see my alts and the thing is stocked full of ungeared newb ships just know I'm suiciding or hiding off map or in the map in an unkillable area till it ends.

You'll get your win. I'll get my que lose and we can do it again.

However, my main whose got 4 geared ships doesn't get any of that to carry over to my alts. So I get to use garbage ships against you when I queue, while you have your GSF only alts tagged with SRW in the player name so as to avoid your guild from farming each other.

However, we should take SRW's advice on how to construct GSF.

Like I said. Its shooter flight sim at this point. Covert it over. That means everyone is in the same ships. Pick your configuration and fly. Leveling in GSF is retarded.

By the way it takes all of 7 pvp matches with the weekly and daily to get 204 gear. How many GSF matches does it take to get 1 ship in the equal status?

When you answer that question you'll find out why GSF is so empty.
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07.07.2016 , 01:15 PM | #28
I will point out that since I joined SRW I have never seen them farm players. In fact I have seen nothing but the opposite: IIRC they're still doing their "Shadowlands Balancing Act" which has made it one of the better servers for GSF right now, even for newer players.

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07.07.2016 , 02:12 PM | #29
Quote: Originally Posted by PlagaNerezza View Post
The matching is terrible and the system rewards people like SRW who use lag generates to avoid gunships.
That's actually a stat called "evasion". It's the opposite of the accuracy stat.

However, we should take SRW's advice on how to construct GSF.
Whoever said we wanted to construct GSF? I just like flying and killing stuff. And yes, I will 3 cap if the other team cannot put up a strong enough resistance to stop me. It makes the game end faster.

Like I said. Its shooter flight sim at this point. Covert it over. That means everyone is in the same ships. Pick your configuration and fly. Leveling in GSF is retarded.
Sounds good to me. It's a much better, strategic, and fast paced game when everyone is mastered.

I have 12 Siraka-srw and 12 Siraka-srw'i with decent enough upgrades to be highly competitive, even when solo queuing (which I do a lot, contrary what some think). I've played about 10,000 games. Yes, it takes a long time. But honestly my skills in the game are still improving a bit. So even if your ships are at the ceiling, there's still a long way to go.

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07.07.2016 , 02:58 PM | #30
Quote: Originally Posted by PlagaNerezza View Post
By the way it takes all of 7 pvp matches with the weekly and daily to get 204 gear. How many GSF matches does it take to get 1 ship in the equal status?
If I'm in a group, I can easily be competitive with 7 GSF matches and the weekly. Assuming you lose all 7 games, if you do the daily every day and get the 2x bonus on your ship, that's roughly:

4x - 1400 for 2x bonus = 5600
3x - 700 for the normal 1x games = 2100
3x - 938 daily = 2814
1x - 3125 weekly

That totals 13,639 requisition or more realistically 15,277 if you do 1 extra game and get the 4th daily. You'll also have enough fleet requisition at this point to get a crew member.

So what can you do with 13,639 requisition?

T1 Bomber Rampart/Razorwire:
1500 beacon
2500 charged plating to level 1
6000 full deflection armor
1000 seismic mine to level 1
1000 concussion mine to level 1

(1250) fleet to get structural support defense crewman

So with only 12,000 ship req and 1250 fleet req you already have a nearly full meta charged plating Razorwire/Rampart that can DOMINATE as part of a TEAM. Really the only important upgrade missing here is armor penetration on heavy laser cannons, but you are at probably 80% strength compared to a mastered version. This is the best domination support ship. Get a team and go win.

T2 Bomber Legion/Warcarrier
2000 seeker mines to level 1
3000 railgun drone to level 1

With only 5000 requistion you already have the best TDM support ship. You've still got 10,000 requisition to play with to your heart's content. You will eventually want level 4 seeker mines for the extra speed upgrade, but this ship is about 80% strength compared to the mastered ship. Get a team and go win.

T1 Gunship Mangler/Quarrel:
3500 barrel roll to level 2
2500 regeneration extender 2
8500 slug railgun to level 3

13,500 requisition and you can be a sniper for your team, with the ability to kill turrets for your teammate T1 Bomber Rampart/Razowire (since he won't have the upgrade for heavy laser cannon armor pen yet). Again, get a team.

You can even req this up at the same time as a T1 Bomber Rampart/Razorwire since you can use your 5000 fleet req intro mission to buy both of these 2500 ships.

T1 Novadive/Blackbolt
1000 rocket pod to level 1
3500 barrel roll to level 2
3000 target telemetry to level 1
2000 regular lasers to level 0
1500 distortion field to level 0
2500 lighweight armor to level 2

13,500 requisition for a ship with crazy high DPS and 31% evasion. Scouts take a bit longer to hit their gear ceiling, but this ship is still about 60% as strong as mastered. If you are part of a team, this will do a terrific job at hunting gunships to take pressure off your team, especially your T1 Bomber Rampart/Razorwire (domination).

If you had a team of 4 mastered ships against my team with 4 of these "weak 1 weekly" ships, I am very confident we would still win.