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Balanced Class

LuciusEverbane's Avatar

08.28.2019 , 05:59 PM | #1
Concentration / Fury and Focus / Rage needs to be nerfed. There should be no reason why any Spec should be hitting and criting for 25-35k per hit, plus the Specs Passive Defensive Ability Protective Focus / Enveloping Rage / Concentrated Defense / Furious Defense, that increases damage reduction by 10% for six seconds for Focus / Rage and Concentration / Fury. It’s not fair to other players to lose over half their health and to have nearly all their DCDs on CD just survive a 10-sec encounter that they’re going to lose.

captainwesson's Avatar

08.28.2019 , 11:02 PM | #2
There are many specs that crit some abilities 25k-30k+ . That’s not a Fury specific thing. Heck, even Combat/Carnage does it often, (and with 100% armor pen).

Hate that you got smashed by smash monkey, but you need a better argument than “the dps class without any other function (heals, taunts, etc) did too much burst damage. Wait until 6.0, then you’ll REALLY be in for a shock (think 50k+).