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<Jedi Dominion> (Pub Side) is looking to add more to our family

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<Jedi Dominion> (Pub Side) is looking to add more to our family

VbrbvfeC's Avatar

12.11.2020 , 04:14 PM | #1
We are a level 60 guild with 15% XP/Reputation Boosts and a 10% Renown XP Boost. We are under new management and are rebuilding our family. We welcome both new and experienced players. We treat each of our members as family and strive to include their opinions in what we decide to do whereas the guild as a whole is concerned.

We are currently only doing Medium Yield Conquests but plan to move back to Large Yield once we have enough active members again (just as the original Jedi Dominion did).

Other plans include a weekly progression OPs team. We will help with gearing and such as much as we are able to. We also intend to conduct monthly giveaways and possibly bi-weekly giveaways. Prizes will range from Credits to an assortment of Cartel Market items such as Master's Datacron, Mounts, Weapons, Armor, etc. As we get more active members, we will also be purchasing a guild stronghold but we would prefer to wait til we can get opinions from active members regarding which strongholds they like/dislike. For now, we do have a Flagship and a Discord for voice communication. We also have a sister guild on the Imp Side <Sith Dominion>.

If you would like more information or a guild invite, leave me a message on here or contact me in game on Kriandra.

Have fun and see you in game!

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03.03.2021 , 03:53 AM | #2
We have renamed our Guild to Rep Dominion due to the concern that recruits had regarding whether or not we accepted non-force users.

We are still looking to add more people to our growing family. We have large yield conquests, Flagship, Discord for voice comms, Ops twice a week, daily Flashpoint and Heroic Runs, and plenty of people always willing to help. We have full XP bonuses and guild perks. All classes are welcome

We enjoy a relaxed environment (afterall, this is a game and it's meant to be fun, right?)

If you'd like more information or an invite, contact one of us in game. Our contacts are as follows:
Trysta Snow, Kriandra, Ronaconcha, Carrine, Dez'i,

or just do a /who Rep Dominion in game and message any of our members to be placed in contact with an officer.

See you in game!