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08.01.2014 , 08:18 AM | #741
Quote: Originally Posted by Sabatus View Post
Also, based on this and previous posts, you really need to work on your text comprehension skills. Nowhere did he say the only value he sees in the ship is a credit sink. That would be an amazingly silly thing to say in fact. What was said was that instead of value it is a credit sink.

Another nice effort into derailing the topic though and going off on a random tangent, well done.
I've seen his posts demanding it be free, so, no he really doesn't see any value in it yet he's complaining about the price. People who see value in things can set a non-zero price on that value.

For example, everyone posting to this forum sees entertainment value in this game, and they've set the value of that entertainment at $15 (or more) per month.

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08.01.2014 , 08:47 AM | #742
Quote: Originally Posted by LordArtemis View Post
That does not mean that I think the price should remain as it is...I think alternate means to acquire the ship would fine IMO, or more exactly a mix of credits and other activities or materials...but I think it is possible, as a group effort, to reach this goal, much easier than it would be for an individual to do so.

Just my take on it.
I keep seeing people say this & I have to admit I don't really understand how this isn't what they're doing already. Take your statement, you want them to accept "a mix of credits & other activities or materials".

What materials would they accept that can't be converted into credits? What's the difference between them accepting materials & you selling materials for credits which they do accept?

What activities could they use as a means of earning the ship that you don't receive credits for doing? What's the difference from them giving you activities to earn the ship & you doing activities that already exist & using the money from those activities to buy the ship?

I'm just not getting the difference. And honestly depending on how they would implement it the system you're describing could end up being worse. Lets say they decide to accept multiple different sources, there's really 2 ways to do that as far as I see it. First of all they'd have to come up with a system of rewarding you for completing the activity. So lets say they take op's/pvp/quests already in game & give tokens for completion. They would then have to figure out how long each activity takes in order to assign a value to the tokens. (wouldn't be fair if the tokens had the same value but some were easier/faster to complete, ex. if it took 500 tokens of any kind to get the ship but you could earn a quest token in half the time it took you to earn a PvP/ops token people will complain)

Then comes the decision on if you have to turn in a certain number of all the sources or can mix & match. For instance, do I have to turn in 100 PvP tokens + 100 ops tokens + 100 of a particular crafting material + 10 million credits or can I turn in just 50 million credits or 500 PvP tokens only etc.

The problem here is then they have to spend time coming up with a credit value for all the tokens in order to allow mixing & matching (how many tokens of each kind equal 50 million credits to buy the ship?) If they don't allow mixing & matching you are again forcing people to do things they don't want to(PvPers have to get ops tokens, PvEers have to do PvP for tokens etc.) So no matter what this gives extra work for the devs (and they've already had to push this back once as is) & really doesn't make anything any better than the way it is now IMO.

Credits can be earned from any in game activity, so no matter what you like to do you can earn credits doing it & help pitch in for the ship. Is it perfect, no. But as I see it it's the best option.