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Vigilance - Gather Strenght needs a rework

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Vigilance - Gather Strenght needs a rework

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01.25.2012 , 09:55 PM | #1
The talent "gather strength" which provides a 10% damage boost to your next focuse using melee attack really needs a rework.

In pvp this talent it mildly useful, as we do get snared a lot. On the down side unless our ridiculously long cool downs are up, we usually dont CATCH the people snaring us, lacking a single target snare our self.

In pve the serves absolutely no purpose. In the rare occurrences that a mob DOES snare, root, or knock me down, its once. Not enough times to stack this talent even twice. And as I said, its rare a mob even slows my movement speed.

What I suggest is make this talent similar to singularity for focus. Its guaranteed stacks in any situation. Allow gather strength to gain a stack every time one of our burn effects deals damage (cant occur more than once every 1.5s like similar skills) Which would allow us to gather those 4 stacks in 6 seconds as long as our bleed are on them.
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