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Consnstency in Ranked

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Consnstency in Ranked

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05.21.2019 , 10:21 AM | #31
as a rage jugg main I had a to learn a very different approach to arenas. I couldnt kite like a venge, I couldnt facetank like a mara/merc so I had to adapt.

what I found was the most effective use of my life in a 4 dps match, since they were going to go me first (if we didnt have a known global on our team) is my task was to soften target number two dcds/hp and face tank 3 dps for 45 seconds while my team went 3v1 on target 1. this usually went very well, unless my team couldnt kill target 1, or if the other team had 2+ stealth.... I hate stlth on juggs... I perfer mercs over resist roll and 5 sec force shroud... I just hate them. on an intimate level that no one else can be hated on.

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05.21.2019 , 12:41 PM | #32
Quote: Originally Posted by DavidAtkinson View Post
The streamers are considered top players and If you played some ranked, you already know that those people are rarely focused first.... I mean I was talking to a top 3 mara and was talking to him about my ranked experience and he basically said that " none of that happened to me " and I was like....

So In a way what you say is true. Those players are mostly stunned... and the more no name players get focused first. That's why on the stream it seems like they are playing with one hand and drinking beer with the other.
I dunno, its hard to say, sometimes we do focus a top PVPer just cause he is the best on the team and has to die first. Thats why there is no consistency in ranked.

Even yesterday I had a match on my sent and against me was also a very good mara. When I see good PVPers on the other team I know they will tell the team to focus me. I mostly use that to my advantage, but I still need help of my team. Yesterday was one great match where my team always went for the person who chased me after camo. The strat worked and we won against a good team, just cause people knew what to do.
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