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How do i get the veteran targeters jacket?

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How do i get the veteran targeters jacket?

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07.22.2018 , 05:05 AM | #1
I cant find it on the GTM and also not on YT can you help me?

iFenris's Avatar

07.22.2018 , 05:08 AM | #2
The closest version to that is the Remnant Underworld Agent armor as shown on Tor Fashion.
Can only be gotten via a Level 60 token or from Alliance Crates.

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07.23.2018 , 12:47 AM | #3
As iFenris wrote "Can only be gotten" that means you can really get them only from alliance crates. They're not purchasable via GTN, because they're bound to legacy.
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07.23.2018 , 12:45 PM | #4
A couple things got kind of mashed up here.

The only way to get the Veteran Targeter's Jacket the OP is asking about is from a start at 60/65 character. And depending on which "version" the OP wants, they will need to start either a Smuggler or an Agent. Both classes get gear with the same name, but very different look. Also, the starting gear for "boosted" characters is character bound, not legacy bound. So you can't make a throw-away character just to get the gear and transfer it to the character you actually want it for.

The only way to get the Remnant <whatever> gear is from alliance crates. And again, which piece you want depends on which Veteran Targeter's Jacket you are trying to imitate*. But the crate gear is Legacy bound, so you could get it on one character then transfer it to a different one you actually want it for.

*The Remnant Underworld Agent armor is a decent match for the Veteran Targeter's Jacket an Iimperial Agent gets as a "start at 60/65" character. To match the Smuggler version of the Veteran Targeter's Jacket, you will want the Remnant Resurrected Smuggler armor.
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07.26.2018 , 06:03 AM | #5
Certain crafters can craft that chest though.

GTN-> Armor -> Medium armor -> Chest -> search for ’underworld’
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