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Might set bonus - Stormcaller/Firebrand shields are killed by guild ship support

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Might set bonus - Stormcaller/Firebrand shields are killed by guild ship support

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05.03.2019 , 10:54 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by GhOsTPrOz View Post
It isn't a bug and you should all stop referring to it as such.
Semantics. In technical terms, it is not a bug no. That's why I made the post in there and not in the bug report section.
Furthermore. You tell us to 'deal with it'. if the set wasn't broken (for this particular fight) you wouldn't have to deal. In a sense, you agree that there is something wrong. (yes I just twisted your words around but you get the idea I guess).

Ofc you can tell us to knock adds out of the shield. That's possible. But how are you then gonna kill them?
A - have strong ranged dps killing them - you assume everybody is a decent damage dealer in that case. Imo a wrong assumption.
B - have 4 ranged. If something is disqualifying a class than that's broken by definition.
C - have good healers. I don't expect pugs to have good healers. Also if you NEED good healers that means the content is broken.

I really don't see how this is not an ability that needs fixing.

It might not be a bug. But it is an unforeseen consequence which is dramatically increasing the difficulty for anyone who is not in a good guild.

Lastly. Please stop referring at gods and whatever. Not talking about that. Nor am i talking about Dread council. I am specifically talking about EC firebrand and stormcaller.
I don't mind the trenchgutters as much as the workaround is really easy to do (tanks taunting warrior out). But the dieing shield generators in EC is a bit much to handle considering the intended difficulty.
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